Do You Listen To Your Body? This Is Why It Is Good For You

Listen To Your Body

Your body gives you signals every day, do you respond to that? This is why listening to your body is important. Day and night your body sends out signals: I am hungry, thirsty, I am tired at work, I want to go to bed, exhausted with weight training, and so on. After most signals you listen, so no one can walk around with a full bladder for too long with impunity. But there are also more subtle signals worth picking upon. By being in good contact with your body you know better what to do to feel good about yourself. Read here how you can listen to your body, how can you improve your overall health, and how nutrition helps you.

The balance in your body

Your body is constantly looking for balance. For example, you have all kinds of receptors spread over your bodies that register the situation on the spot; from your blood pressure and your breathing to your digestion and the release of hormones. In that regard, your body is always moving and constantly adjusting. Fortunately, you don’t have to think about those control mechanisms yourself, the autonomous part of your nervous system does that for you. As a result of all those systems, you do receive constant signals that tell you what to do to restore balance. If you consistently listen to these signals, there is a good chance that you are comfortable in your own skin, after all you do what your body asks of you. If you don’t listen right away, it will go well for a while, but in the long run you will notice consequences. This way you can work hard for a long time, but if it takes too long a burnout is lurking. The same goes for nutrition; eating fries from time to time is not bad, but if you eat unhealthy day in, day out, chances are that you will suffer from it.

You will then feel better what does and does not work for you and you can act on it immediately.

 This is how you listen to your body

The best way to listen to your body is to consciously think about it several times a day. Take regular breaks during work, for example on the toilet. You can then briefly check your entire system. How’s your breathing? Do you feel tension somewhere in your body? What are your feelings? After you have done a scan, you can immediately see what you need and take action. Maybe lower your shoulders, take a few deep breaths, reschedule a meeting because you’re too busy, or get some fresh air.

What does nutrition do to you

Also, when it comes to your food, it can help your health enormously if you listen carefully to your body. Which is healthy for one person, may not be healthy for another. In this way everyone reacts differently to what they eat. Never simply follow the latest nutritional hype, but listen faithfully to your body. For example, pay attention to when you are full and how you feel after a meal. Do you have a swollen stomach and are you tired? Or do you feel satisfied and energized? These are important signals that give you information about what to eat and what not to eat. Your bowel movements also give you clues as to whether you are on the right track or perhaps need to make some adjustments. Constipation, for example, is a call for more fiber, moisture and good fats. So be alert to all the signals your body gives, big and small, and act as best you can.

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