Dogs Make Children Better Readers

Dogs make children better readers
Dogs make children better readers
Dogs make children better readers

Children have many issues of learning and reading, but issues around the learning to read for children rarely are out of the news. It is not surprising that for improving the life chances of children, the need to becoming a good and successful reader has much importance for the betterment of children. A virtuous circle is created by reading, and we want to become a better reader, then we need to read more, this is also not much surprising. But the most surprising news is that gaining popularity is that children become the best readers in the presence of dogs.

Some Research evidence that indicates the academic success of Children

There is much research evidence that indicated the greater success of children in academics; these children are only those that extensively read. The Department of UK for Education published a report in 2012, of Reading for Pleasure, that highlights this link that was established widely.

A scholar of US Keith Stanovich, in 1986 also wrote a paper Widely-cited, that explained the virtuous circle.

For international studies, the UK is the best-recognized country; the government of the UK sought out all issues related to children’s study. But they the strategy of reading with dogs for children not much adaptable in them.

How Dogs help Children in reading?

Many children enjoy reading naturally, with some encouragement. But the children that are struggling for better reading, they need some pleasure with a comfortable environment, so the presence of dogs provides them with that environment.

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Dogs provide the therapeutic presence

The presence of dogs during the reading of children, it just encouraging children for better reading. In 1999, US-originated practice on scheme (READ) Reading Education Assistance Dogs. And now this reading with assistance dogs extends to several other countries. Another example of this scheme Bark and Read by Kennel Club supported is meeting with considerable passion.

In the scheme of (PAT) Pets as Therapy, it has on people a calming effect with the presence of dogs. Many primary schools provide children with a pressurized environment, so the children do not respond and comfortable with this pressure. So, the dogs provide the best environment for the children, and they feel welcomed and relaxed immediately. Reading is a single activity, but with social events, it may be pleasurable. The students who want to become a better reader with simple pleasure, they should be reading with the presence of loving, and loyal listener, that are dogs.

The children that want to build confidence and struggling to read, they must read in the presence of dogs. Dogs are an uncritical and reassuring audience, so if children make mistakes, it will never mind. So, the dogs were not interrupted the children and not made comments.

The children who are struggling with better reading; pleasure is significant for them. A literacy scholar, Marylyn Jager-Adams, noted in the US for a beginner the seminal review, he said, to induce in children to read lots there must need a way to find, so the children may well learn to read.

Reading in the presence of dogs that supporting activities of literacy, and create a balance that helpful. So, it provides independent reading support, social enjoyment, also make balance with literacy. However, in this sense, children become better readers.

A virtuous circle is Creating by Dogs

A virtuous circle is creating by dogs by breaking the negative cycle, a virtuous circle is better for a reading of children. In this way, the children have reading skills and they apply their skills enjoyable and positively, by sharing their good books with the dogs. So, dogs enable children to read better.

Despite, the dogs can help the children in better reading, this scheme gaining popularity, but for this are there is very limited research evidence. However, in 2016, on children reading to dogs, a systematic review is present of 48 students. Gee, Mills, and Hall demonstrated this systematic review of the literature, for reading improvement of children, also gave some evidence that not was much strong. So, this needs to do more work than clear its importance, but by some case studies, the reading in the presence of dogs this news gaining popularity.

But in media, often cited example, Tony Nevett with his Danny. The involvement of Tony and Danny had transformative in several schools, this not only in reading terms but also among children is promoting good behaviour with different range of needs.

So, it offers many benefits to reading in the presence of dogs. It is not a pain, with any intervention and approach, but in literacy, the environment is set within a language-rich, that appears with much of gain and little to lose.

How Dogs Can Help Reading Skills of Children

The dogs are a great, loyal, and loving partner to their owner’s human beings. But the important thing is that the children who read in the presence of dogs, become the best reader and improve their school grades. The Magical Dog is the Shellie book, and the authors of this book are Michael Amiri and Linda, in this book show that how dogs can help in studying children, and the presence of dogs provide a learn to love reading for children, and how and why it is possible to mention below:

1. Children in the presence of dogs do not feel embarrassed:

Children do not feel embarrassed in the presence of dogs, while during reading if they are stuck on a word or make a mistake, they may going with their dog made fun.

2. Children can feel confident in the presence of Dogs:

Children feel confidence in the presence of dogs, because dogs giving time to the children that help to build their confidence, also provide a comfort level to them. While during the study, dogs do not rush the children because they provide the companionship best to the children.

3. Dogs are very polite and good listeners:

Dogs are very polite and good listeners. So, during the reading of children, dogs not interrupt them, and they are nonjudgmental.

4. Dogs are canine friends of children:

Dogs are canine friends of the children, and the children make fun during reading in the presence of dogs. If children started reading sitting at a desk, it might be boring. So, the reading in the presence of a canine friend is a different way that is treated as a performance, and the homework like feelings are also not come. So, reading in the presence of dogs, fun and interesting for children.

5. The presence of Dogs for children reading is a win-win situation:

Not only dogs can help the children during reading but also children help the dogs to learn discipline and patience, which in turn aid the people in wheelchairs, visually impaired, and veterans.

The children require comfortable reading, indeed reading is a single activity, but children need some pleasure also that made them active and confident during reading. Dogs are very loving and loyal partner, and best listener, so the study in the presence of dogs make children best reader.

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