Easy Ways to Instantly Look More Fashionable

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Look More Fashionable

The simplest way to describe a personal style is a way of dressing that is unique to you and your personality. Your personal style is what makes you distinctive, remarkable, and different from the person standing next to you. We’re all unique and we use our clothes, makeup, hairstyle, and accessories to express ourselves in our own one-of-a-kind way. We’ll discuss ways to look more fashionable and stay true to our style at the same time.

Work on your signature style first

If you want to elevate your current style, you need to have something to start from. In other words, you need to find your signature style first. It’s not something you can do overnight, it takes time, even years.  But, with the right guidance, you’ll see that it isn’t an impossible feat.

To get started with this idea, create a mood board. A mood board is simply a collage, one you can make on a piece of paper or even online. Take pictures of outfits you love, clippings from magazines, or printouts, and put them all on a mood board. Put it somewhere visible so you’ll be inspired by these outfits daily so you’ll dress according to your ideal signature style.

If you’re already satisfied with your personal style, but wish to change things up and further define it, you can still create a mood board. It will guide you in the right direction regarding future purchases and help you discard items that are not in line with your signature style. Moreover, it’ll help you avoid impulse purchases.

Create several versions of outfits you love

When you wear something you love, that hugs your body just right and makes you feel confident, you’ll know what piece to add to look more fashionable. If the outfit you chose feels just okay then it doesn’t represent your personal style.

Take the time to create several versions of outfits you love. You can even make a list of your favorite combinations and write everything down. Consider them as a uniform you can easily upgrade with accessories depending on your mood and the purpose of the outfit. This will help you stay true to your signature style and your fashion mood board.

Part ways with dated clothes

Clothes will lose their shape, color and will look dated even with the best care. Also, some pieces are not meant to be worn forever because the pattern or the cut is simply outdated. You don’t have to wear the latest trends to look fashionable, but sometimes you can’t wear something you bought 15 years ago. There are certain exceptions like a vintage Chanel or a perfect black dress that is always the right choice. However, you need to know when something you own is no longer wearable. Donate that piece even if it’s your favorite one. There’s someone out there who’ll appreciate it and it will keep them warm and happy. And, you’ll make room for something similar in your closet but more fashionable.

The right fit is always in fashion

What makes you fashionable is knowing what fits. If it doesn’t fit you, then it isn’t the right choice even if it’s a designer piece. Know your body shape and what makes you feel good, comfortable and is in line with your personal style. Remember that a person is wearing the clothes, not the opposite.

When you know what fits best, you’ll know how to mix and match pieces to create a balanced aesthetics. You can match two different patterns, mix different textures and different styles that fit, and make your style bold.

Get comfortable with color

Some people like neutral colors, while others love to go bright and bold. And it’s all about personal preference and what works for you and your style. Nonetheless, adding color is another way to create a fashionable outfit. You can wear a shirt or a top in trendy magenta and keep the rest of your outfit neutral or complementary to magenta.

But, when in doubt go monochrome

Monochrome outfits are having a major moment now and we’ve seen them range from all black, white, all nude to even all magenta. A monochrome outfit will never go out of style and it’s both chic, fashionable, and stylish. You can even mix similar shades to create a one-color outfit, but with a twist.

Wear signature jewelry

Jewelry falls into the category of accessorizing that instantly elevates your outfit. Signature jewelry is something you can wear every day, that isn’t too flashy and that goes well with every outfit.

Let’s say you wear a white shirt, form-fitting black blazer, high-waisted jeans that accentuate your figure, and your favorite pair of stiletto heels. This is a classic outfit that works for the office and the happy hour after work.

But, what will make this outfit look more fashionable is your signature jewelry. Silver loop earrings or a set of gold earring cuffs go well with every hairstyle. Add a ring you will wear on your index finger and you’re stylish and ready for every occasion. Just make sure to take care of your jewelry with ultrasonic cleaning to remove tarnish and keep silver, gold, or platinum pieces shiny and looking brand new.

Add a belt, scarf, or a hat

A belt can elevate a dress, cinch your blazer at the waist or add colour to a neutral outfit. You can also wear a scarf around your waist, tie it around your wrist, around your bag, tie your hair with it or wear it around your neck. A hat is another stylish addition to your everyday wardrobe. But, if you’re still not into the idea of wearing a hat, perfect pair of sunglasses are a fashion statement too.

The famous trio

When it comes to upgrading your current wardrobe and favorite outfits, upgrade it with a trio.

New coat, blazer, jacket.

New pair of shoes.

A new bag.

Make sure these items are of high quality, neutral tones, or easy to work with any type of outfit. They will help you create the following looks: sporty, but stylish. Casual but pulled together. Great for work yet modern.

Looking fashionable is a mixture of the clothes your wear and the confidence you exude. The ultimate goal of our personal style is to feel good, look good, and stylish. Looking fashionable is not difficult and hopefully, these tips will help you achieve the best looks.

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