eClinicalWorks EMR Software: A Top Choice for Medical Practices in USA

eClinicalWorks EHR Software
eClinicalWorks EHR Software

What is an EHR

The term EHR alludes to what an EHR does; contains digitized versions of health records for patients but saying that this is all an EHR does is unfair since it does a lot more. EHRs these days have revolutionized the practice of medicine. They have made things much easier for doctors who are running practices. And of course, one of the most popular EHRs in eClinicalWorks EMR which has one of the biggest market shares in North America’s EHR market. So chances are you have probably already heard about this EHR however, we want to tell you about all the features which make this EHR great. Just because an EHR is popular doesn’t mean that it is but, in this case, it does. However, we will let the final decision be yours. Let’s dive into some of the features of eClinicalworks EMR software

Why eClinicalworks is the Best


An important feature that any software should have specially a software that is employed in easing the day to day operations of  a medical practice is how flexible it is. Fortunately, eClinicalWorks EHR software is incredibly user friendly and flexible. There are several templates available in the software for different specializations which can be used by your medical practice. A lot of reviews by doctors from various specializations often talk about how this EMR specifically is incredibly flexible and easy to use. 

Cloud Hosting

These days EMRs are incredibly advanced and one of the benefits of these EMRs being advanced is how accessible they have become. Long gone are the days when the EMR would be hosted on a single desktop computer which would only be accessed physically. eClinicalWorks EHR is among the several EMRs which are cloud-based. This means that the EMR is accessible through a web app and can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world. And it can also be accessed through any kind of device including phones and tablets apart from desktop or laptop computers. All of these things make EMRs incredibly easy to access which in turn helps in running your practice better and more efficiently. There are a lot of great reviews for the eClinicalWorks app because of how smoothly it runs on any kind of device. 


These days we live in a fast-paced world and because of technology life has become a lot easier. eClinicalWorks EHR also intends on making things easier for both you and your patients with its functions. The e-prescription feature allows for you to be able to make prescriptions for patients remotely so that you do not have to have them come into your office to take the prescription or to update an old one. Through the e-prescription feature on eClinicalWorks EMR you get to write prescriptions for patients and send them directly to a pharmacy near them so essentially they can easily get the prescription and it can be convenient for both you and your patients. 

Lab Integration

Another great feature that eClinicalWorks EMR and eClinicalWorks app has is the lab integration which it affords its clients. This means that any tests you ask a patient to get are directly sent to your EMR from the lab and sorted into the patient’s existing medical file and history you have already. This means there is no lag whatsoever between test results being available and you receiving them. This makes this incredibly easy and much more convenient both for you and your patients since things move along faster and there are no delays in the treatment process. 

Patient Portal

One really important feature that eClinicalWorks EMR software affords you is the fact that it has a patient-facing portal that patients can access and use. This patient-facing portal lets patients schedule appointments, look at their upcoming appointments, and communicate with you as well. This feature means that patients can also take charge of their health and actively partake in scheduling for their appointments. This also reduces no-shows and increases the overall productivity of your practice. When patients can actively consult the software for their needs as well, it makes it a great way for them to be able to feel in charge and feel more responsible about appointments and their health hence increasing the number of patients you see in a day as well. 

Should You Invest in eClinicalWorks EHR

If the features we have listed above sound appealing to you then we recommend that you further consider this software. If you are still confused about which software to use then we have a few ways you can use to deduce if the eClinicalWorks EHR is a good fit for you. The first thing you need to do is make a list of all the features you would ideally want in an EHR, then you can compare that list to this EHR and see whether it is a good fit for what your needs are. It is always a good idea to see that the features in an EMR suit you. While eClinicalWorks EMR Demo is indeed one of the most popular ones in the country, you should also ensure it suits you and your specific needs. We also recommend looking over the eClinicalWorks EMR user guide or asking the vendor for a demo if you can so you can experience the software first hand before you decide whether or not you intend to commit to it and make the purchase.

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