Engine Oil Grades Explained: Know Your Car Engine Oil

Engine Oil Grades Explained Know Your Car Engine Oil
Engine Oil Grades Explained Know Your Car Engine Oil
Engine Oil Grades Explained Know Your Car Engine Oil

Engine oil is the most critical component used in car service. Engine oil is a primary lubricant that plays a significant role in the combustion cycle. It keeps the engine cool and ensures proper sealing of the piston rings in the IC engine. So, let’s have a look at what this miracle liquid does to our vehicles.

Provides Lubrication

Motor oil reduces friction between the engine’s different components throughout the combustion cycle. By providing a thin layer of oil, the engine’s components do not rub against one another violently. Thus, engine oil helps to minimize wear and tear. Without lubrication, your engine may get totally damaged and you have to look for a used car engine to replace your old engine.

Neutralizes Acids:

Acids are produced during the combustion process of gasoline and the oxidation of other lubricants. The engine oil is in charge of neutralizing these acids.

Inhibits corrosion and oxidation:

Another purpose of engine oil is to protect against corrosion. Motor oil guards against rust on the cylinder blocks.

Thus, we now understand why engine oil is critical to the engine’s smooth operation. Without the right engine oil, even if you drive a fancy vehicle, your engine may suffer harm. In this situation instead of buying a new engine, you can look for a used branded engine like a used Audi engine, used BMW engine, used Ford engine, used Chevy engine, used Porsche engine, etc to save your money.

What are engine oil grades?

Engine oils come in a variety of grades. SAE has classified them according to their viscosities. The viscosity of a fluid is the quantity that expresses its internal friction. At room temperature, engine oils have varying viscosities. Additionally, they react differently to changes in temperature.

Motor Oil Grades:

Take a look at some internationally used engine oil grades-

0W-20 When the engine is started, this engine oil is rather thin. When the motor is cold, the viscosity of the oil in 0W-20 is zero. When the engine achieves normal operating temperature, the oil’s viscosity increases to 20.

0W-30 The 0W-30 oil is designed to act as a 0-weight oil at startup and as a 30-weight oil at normal operating temperature.

0W-40 The 0W-40 oil is designed to act as a 0-weight oil at start-up and as a 40-weight oil at normal operating temperature.

5W-40 5W-40 is totally synthetic engine oil that performs similarly to a five-weight engine oil during a cold start. Once the engine achieves normal operating temperature, it behaves like a 40-weight oil.

10W-40 10W-40 is engine oil that provides a 10-weight performance at cold start. On the other hand, it delivers a 40-pound performance at the engine’s typical operating temperature.

What are the types of engine oils?

Prior to purchasing any engine oil, determine the type of oil that your hatchback, sedan, or SUV requires. It is critical to understand the components of your vehicle.

Mineral Engine Oil:

This is the most basic type of motor oil. Mineral oil is simply refined petroleum oils that have been treated to enable them to perform across a wide temperature range. Additionally, mineral oil is less expensive on the market than the other two sorts. Mineral oils are now used in vintage vehicles and bikes.

Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil:

This falls squarely in between Mineral and Fully Synthetic oil. Semi-synthetic oil combines the economics of mineral oil with the performance of synthetic oil. When compared to mineral oils, this type of engine oil gives up to three times the protection.

Full Synthetic Engine Oil:

This is state-of-the-art engine oil technology. Full synthetic engine oil protects the engine well and leads to improved fuel efficiency. Synthetic engine oil manufacture is an expensive and time-consuming process, which results in synthetic lubricants being much more expensive.

Your guide to choosing the right kind of engine oil for your car

Motor oil is critical to the operation of your vehicle’s engine. It ensures that the motor operates in the finest possible condition. Therefore, which engine oil should you choose? This would depend on the type of vehicle you drive and the location in which you drive it. However, keep in mind to use the manufacturer-recommended engine oil for your vehicle.

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