Everything You Must Know Before Purchasing Car Tyres

Goodyear Tyres Derby
Purchasing Car Tyres

Tyres are crucial components when it comes to on-road safety and comfort. When the tyres have completed their age or are worn out, they need to be replaced. However, the replacement tyres have to be of the right dimension and quality to maintain vehicle performance.

Several factors have to be counted in when purchasing new tyres. An improper replacement will make driving difficult and increase your fuel cost. Here is an article to let you know everything before buying car tyres Derby .

The manufacturing date

The maximum age of a tyre is ten years from the date of manufacturing. Once a tyre is past that period, it is due to be replaced irrespective of its condition. Therefore, if you buy a tyre that is well into its prime years, you will have to replace it as soon as it completes its age. This will increase your overall vehicle maintenance cost.

It is recommended that when buying a replacement, take note of its manufacturing date. Also, buy only those tyres that are recently manufactured so that they can complete a full run.

A tyre’s manufacturing date is printed on the sidewalls in the form of a four-digit code. The first two digits are the month, and the last two are the years of manufacturing.

Take note of the specifications

A stock tyre that comes with the car originally is an all-season tyre and is suitable to be driven on all kinds of surfaces. However, premium-quality all-season tyres can prove expensive and might not give you the best value for money.

Therefore, buy the tyre according to the surface that you usually drive on. Based on the types of surfaces, there are usually three kinds of special tyres, dry grip, wet grip and off-road tyres.

If you live in snowy or rainy conditions, consider buying a wet grip tyre. Similarly, if you drive a lot in summers, a dry grip tyre would be best for you. Buying road specific tyres will bring down the purchase amount and ensure the best value for money.

Tyre’s size is important

If you do not have a special requirement, it is recommended to buy a tyre with stock tyre’s dimensions. The dimensions of a tyre are painted on the sidewall in the form of an alphanumeric code. The code is written somewhat like 170/65R15, where 170 is the tyre’s width, 65 is the height of the tyre in per cent off-width, R means that the tyre is the radian type, and 15 is the diameter.

If you want to improve the fuel efficiency, acceleration and pick up, opt for a smaller sized tyre. However, small tyres would mean lesser surface area of the contact patch and reduced grip on the road. Hence, your braking mechanism will take a toll.

Similarly, if you choose larger Goodyear Tyres Derby, that would mean an increased surface area of contact patch which means an improved braking system. However, fuel efficiency and car pick-up will take a toll.

Additionally, if you drive a lot on rough, unfinished roads, buy off-roading tyres. They are better shock absorbers, and as a result, they minimise the jerk when driving on such patchy roads.

Measure the tread depth

The grooves and ridges carved on every tyre are known as the tread. They are meant to provide a firm grip on the road and keep the car stable when speeding on slippery roads. The recommended tread depth, according to European safety standards, is 3 mm or above.

Take a penny and put it in one of the ridges; if it is barely visible, then the tread depth is at the recommended level. However, please do not buy a tyre with a lot of tread depth because it will affect the car’s pick-up, and fuel economy will increase.

Brand is important

Premium brands use top of the line rubber to manufacture their car tyres Derby. Therefore, the tyres last longer and provide better safety and comfort on the road. The guarantee period for these tyres is also long, and they also offer emergency on-road assistance. If you are tight on budget, you can opt for the economy range of these premium brands.

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