Excursion to Coorg

Excursion to Coorg

Length: 2 evenings – 3 days 

Spots Covered: In and around Coorg and Mysore (Just castle and zoo) 

Spots secured close to Coorg: Dubare Elephant Camp, NisargaDhama, Golden Temple(Tibetan camp), Abbe Falls, Thalakavery, Bhagamadala, Omkareshwara sanctuary, Raja Seat 

Complete excursion: 750km 

Remain in Coorg: Raksha Homestay, Sidhapura. This is an astounding homestay with yummy food. The pleasant area in 30 sections of land of Coffee manor. Lovely environment and extraordinary cordiality from have. Look at http://www.homestaykodagu.com/home_stay/raksh%20cottage.htm 

Travel Mode: Drive my own vehicle 

Event: My fourth Marriage commemoration 


Alright, let me come to more subtleties. The excursion began at sharp 5 am from Bangalore. We pressed homemade breakfast as we didn’t know about inns in transit. 

From Bangalore join Mysore street and travel on Mysore express parkway till you reach Srirangapatna (only 20km before Mysore). 

From Srirangapatna take the preoccupation (not that great street) towards Ranganthittu Bird haven. Proceed on that little street till you reach ilivala. Any individual on the street can manage the course. Regardless of whether you don’t know the language, simply tell the name of the spot and he will clarify you. Very little muddle way really. Get in touch for  Resorts in Coorg in affordable prices and enjoy your trip.

At Ilivala you will arrive at thruway once more. Presently take a privilege on the thruway and move towards Hunsur, Periya Patna. 

Soon after Periyapatna, you have to take an originally left (Check out Orange County Board) and move towards Sidhapura street. 

Raksha Homestay in simply a large portion of a km from Sidhapura(35km from Coorg), a modest community. Regardless of whether you don’t take this homestay, the rest of my movement guide will stay the same. Get in touch for resorts in Coorg in affordable prices

We came to homestay around 10 am (so it is only 5 hours venture). We had little reward and begun our excursion once more. 

Dubare Elephant Camp: 

From Sidhapura it is simply ~10km away. This is where Elephants are restrained and prepared. Attempt to reach here by 9 am to perceive how elephants scrub down. You can even observe at 5-6 pm. You have to take a pontoon ride to cross the waterway to arrive at the real elephant camp (simply 10Rs per head). Delighted in scarcely any snaps with elephant and in the event that you wish you can take an ascent moreover. At that point crossed the waterway back and went for stream boating (100 for every head) in a similar spot. The boating was for around 2 km and it was an extremely incredible experience. Finally swim in the waterway for quite a while. 


From Dubare a course towards KushalaNagar for ~5KM. Here the Kaveri waterway just partitions and joins again to shape a little island. There is not a lot to see aside from a bamboo tree timberland where you can stroll for quite a while. Delighted in scarcely any pics and some time sitting with full harmony. 

Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery and Golden Temple: 

You will find this bright sanctuary after Nisarga Dhama, in the direction of Kushalanagar, and after Kushalnagar with ~5 km. This is the second huge Tibetan settlement in India. You can see numerous priests and a beautifully Golden sanctuary. Tremendous Buddha sculpture is the greatest fascination. felt very peaceful and quiet in the sanctuary. Invested some energy simply sitting inside the sanctuary. Outside there is a little shopping place. We didn’t accept anything as not a lot unique. 

Come back to HomeStay: 

All the above spots will come in a single stretch of street individually as said in the above request. After Golden sanctuary, we returned back to homestay in a similar course what we followed. Gone through the rest of the day getting a charge out of the spot. Had an extraordinary supper and dozed. 


Eaten and left the home remain at sharp 10 am for the next round of spots. From Sidhapura ~35km you will reach Madikeri (Coorg). From Madikeri again 48km is our next goal Thalakaveri. 


Waterway Kaveri which is one of the 7 sacrosanct streams of Sapta Sindhus of the Hindu sacred writings, began at a spot is called Talakaveri (head of Cauvery) in the This spot is set apart by a tirtha klondike or Brahma klondike (little spring/lake) from where the stream rises like a little perpetual spring, however, streams underground again to rise a short separation away. 

Beautiful spot in light of its view. Delighted in some time and returned back towards Madikeri. 


From Talakaveri, it is only 8km down the slope towards Madikeri. This spot is likewise called “Triveni Sangama”. There is a little sanctuary to see. Not much. You can skip it too. However, it was simply in transit and consequently, we dropped here for some snappy view. 

After Bhagamandala we returned to Madikeri and ate in a little inn (athithi lodging). It was difficult to stretch to put get inn. Athithi was one of the recommendations from nearby individuals and we went there. Lodging was alright. 

After food, next spot is Abbe Falls 

Abbe Falls: 

Abbe signifies “cascade” in the Kodagu language. This is again a lovely cascade and should see a place. About 4km from madikere. Need to find a way to arrive at the falls. We were totally vexed as they are not permitting to enter the falls. We just observed the falls and took hardly any pics and left from that point. 

Omkareshwara Temple: 

From Abbe falls, returned to Madikeri. This sanctuary is in heart of the city. Sanctuary will open after 5:30 pm consequently we simply invested some energy before the sanctuary and left from that point. Nothing extraordinary spot except for we visited this spot as it is one of the regular spots to visit by all. 

Raja Seat: 

Again this is in heart of the city. This is again should watch the spot and all ways ensure you reach here by 5 pm. Exceptionally wonderful view. Viewed the brilliant sunset where sun says bye-bye at the edges of green mountains. After sunset, there was a melodic wellspring (6 pm-7 pm). 

This finished our places in Coorg. reached homestay around 8 pm and again dozed for the afternoon. 


Woke up at 8am and praised my fourth wedding commemoration. On account of Harsha and Chaitanya for cake courses of action. Eaten and looked at the homestay around 10 am. We will always remember the stay in a homestay. It was a standout amongst other parts of the whole excursion. 

Begun excursion to Mysore. Around 130km from Sidhapura. 

We needed to arrive at Bangalore by end of day-3 in particular, we pick just 2 spots to visit in Mysore – Zoo, and Palace. There are numerous different spots to visit which again takes one more day. 

Mysore Zoo: 

An average zoo with a large portion of the creatures. Poorly kept up. On the off chance that you are the first time visiting the zoo or in the event that you have children, at that point, this is a must-watch. 

Mysore Palace: 

No words to state. This Palace shows the imperial existence of the Wadayar Family. This will be shut by 5 pm so be certain you get it. Right around 1 hour spent in the castle. Took a sound manual to help us in knowing the historical backdrop of a royal residence and not many significant spots inside the castle. After you leave the royal residence don’t miss the museums where you can see part of things identified with lords.

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