Experience Peace Of Mind With Yoga For Stress Reduction

yoga for stress reduction
yoga for stress reduction

Studies have shown that the ancient practice of yoga is known to heal several mental problems, reduce irritability, and increase feelings of relaxation among people who practice it regularly. This mind-body practice assists in regulating the stress response, including blood pressure, heart rate, and much more.

Practicing stress-relieving yoga helps you in building a balance between your mind and body, thereby releasing unwanted stress and anxiety pent up inside you.

Yoga For Stress Reduction: Way To A Peaceful Life

Reclining Bound Angle Pose

reclining bound angle pose

This yoga pose is a great pose to start your yoga practice as it is a quieting pose. It is one of the top poses that come under the poses of yoga for stress reduction.
Start by lying absolutely flat on your back pressed firmly against the ground. Bend your knees and gently place your feet on the ground, without applying that much pressure. Make the souls of your feet touch each other, forming a diamond shape with your knees and legs. Slowly close your eyes with a smile on your face and feel the surroundings.

Seated Forward Bend Pose

seated forward bend pose

Sit on the yoga mat with your legs stretched straight in front of you. Take your arms over your head and bring them forward while getting into position. Stretch forward while bringing your arms ahead and touch your toes gently. Make sure that your stomach and nose touches your thighs when you bend.
This pose is great for stretching and strengthening your overall body. It stretches your lower back, spine, arms, shoulders, neck, ankles, and hamstrings.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

downward facing dog pose

This one is a perfect pose if you want to stretch your overall body muscles.
Start by standing absolutely erect but relaxed with your feet slightly apart. Gently bend forward while making your palms come in contact with the floor. You will realize that your body is in a V position facing downwards. Balance and support your body with the help of your palms and feet. Hold this pose for a few breaths and come back into the original position.

Half-Pigeon Lying Down Pose

Half pigeon down pose

This pose particularly helps in strengthening your hamstrings and spine.
Begin by laying flat on the ground. Pull your knees towards your chest while holding them with your arms. Gently fold your right leg, so that its placed on top of your left knee. Now slowly reach behind your left leg and pull it towards you. Make sure that your left knee and right leg and touching each other.
You will feel your spine and hamstrings stretch, that’s when you’ll know that are doing the pose correctly. Hold this pose for about a minute or so and repeat on the other side.

Legs Up The Wall Pose

legs up the wall pose

Legs up the wall pose is a great pose to calm you down and keep you grounded. All you have to do lay down on your yoga mat with your legs elevated against the wall. Start doing this pose by laying down, facing the ceiling, and keep your toes pressed against the wall. Gently swing your legs up against the wall while keeping your spine straight and relaxed. Feel free to put your pillow or blanket under your head if needed. You can also consider putting a blanket under your neck or your lower back to get more comfortable with the pose.

Summing Up

Mentioned above were just a few yoga asanas that help in reducing unwanted stress and reduction. If you do thorough research on the internet, you will come across the end number of yoga poses for stress reduction.

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