Export Office 365 Mailbox To PST Via O365 Backup Software


Office 365 Backup software is the perfect way to export Office 365 mailbox to PST. This helps users create Exchange Online backup in the simplest and hassle-free manner. There is a manual process too but this technique may create some issues while performing Office 365 backup to PST Outlook. The manual method is also complex and lengthy for extract emails from Exchange Online to PST. However, when using the application the user smoothly and quickly performs the Office 365 PST Export solution without finding any kind of issue. Through the tool, there are also multiple export options to migrate the cloud mailboxes of O365.

How to do Office 365 Backup to PST File:

There are a lot of importance in exporting Office 365 mailbox into PST file format. MailsDaddy Office 365 Backup Tool is one of the best solutions to adopt Office 365 mailbox backup to PST file format. It is very different from that of the manual process and offers unique features that you do not get while using the manual technique . Below are all about Office 365 backup software to Export Office 365 to PST process.

Features of Office 365 Export PST Tool:

1) Effortless Office 365 PST Export Process: The tool facilitates to provide the easiest solution for both tech and non-tech users. You do not require an expert to handle or operate this effective Office 365 PST Export tool and simply execute the backup tasks independently.

2) Complete protection: The tool ensures to keep the entire Exchange Online data secure while migrating Office 365 cloud data to MS Outlook PST file. It even maintains the formatting of the HTML and O365 data hierarchy.

3) Customization option: With the help of the application, one can customize the Exchange Online backup process according to the requirement and choose any of the available export options apart from PST.

4) Multiple export options without failure: You can also perform the backup of multiple Office 365 to PST at once without any issue. The tool never fails to backup O365 and gives the best outcome.

5) Date Range feature: The software help users to export Exchange Online data of a particular date range and save it into the Outlook PST file format.

6) Solution for both Admin & User: It facilities to offer the backup of Exchange Online data using the login details of both Office 365 User and the Admin. The O365 Administrator has more authority than the user to use this software.

Working of Office 365 Backup PST Tool:

  • Get MailsDaddy Office 365 Backup Tool.
  • Install it in Windows OS & open the software.

Single file migration:

  • For single O365 mailbox backup, select User option, enter login details of the user account & click Sign-In.
  • Choose export option according to the need and hit the Export button.
  • This allows starting of the process of Office 365 to PST format.

Bulk migration:

  • For this, first, create a CSV file containing all the Exchange Online mailboxes that you want to backup.
  • Choose the Admin option, enter its ID and Password, and hit the next button.
  • Browse the CSV file, choose the available options, and click Export.

Impersonate export:

In this also, you can have to follow the same procedure as he bulk migration. However, in this, you need to add the O365 mailbox of user with Impersonation rights.

Conclusion: In this piece of my writing , I tried to explain all about a reliable Office 365 backup software that allows exporting Exchange Online to PST without any error. It is free from all types of issues and gives an easy way to backup O365 mailboxes. One can also get its free demo edition of the application and migrate Office 365 to PST. A simple solution with a lot of benefits to execute the tasks to Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST conversion.

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