History of Activity Trackers (From Pedometers to Fitbit)

History of Activity Trackers From Pedometers to Fitbit
History of Activity Trackers

The history of tracking someone’s walking distance and the number of steps go way back to the 15th century when Leonardo da Vinci sought to measure and track the distance a Roman soldier walked. However, the history of pedometers really took off back in 1770 through Abraham-Louis Perrelet’s invention. Some stated that Thomas Jefferson was the first to produce a mechanical pedometer in 1770. Today, we see how pedometer technology progressed through technological developments that can also be seen on fitness trackers such as Fitbit Cork as they evolved as time passed by.

Everyone is aware that great exercise is good for the heart and overall wellbeing. Many find it fun, but others may be anxious to see results in addition to the fun side of getting fit. Of course, people have different goals when working out. However, what bugs people equally is not seeing the progress of the activity they are diligently doing.

Others lose motivation and decide to quit early; seeing their hard work does not garner any results. Exercise and following a fitness regime can be tiring if a person has no idea of how much physical activity they are getting, what they should improve in their routine, or how they can get more day in and out for their hearth health.

Being more active and changing habits can be highly challenging, especially for those who do not have the means to visualize their progress. Tracking can help many people achieve such fitness goals when combined with a clear goal to aim for.

Many fitness experts use wearable devices, such as activity trackers, to keep up with their health and fitness. A fitness tracker uses sensors to track movement, orientation, and rotation. From such motions, it can collect data and convert it into steps, calorie intake, sleep quality, and the general activity a user performs throughout the day.

Some trackers even have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which people can connect to their mobile phones to answer or receive any messages, emails, and calls. An activity tracker is started by Leonardo da Vinci who sought to track the distance a Roman soldier walked and the number of steps made. He was also the one who drew up plans in making a device that would do its intended purpose.

Today, no one could have predicted that many people would buy a fitness Tracker in Cork or any other shops to track workouts and read text messages. As the technology progressed, so did wearable technology, from a mechanical pedometer to what we know now as advanced and futuristic tracking devices.

If you have yet to purchase one, it might be the best tool out there to purchase and recalibrate your mindset. It can become an incentive to continue working out as you have an accurate daily record provided by your tracking device. It can give information and empower users to start and continue improving their bodies and health.

A regular reminder from a wearable device can boost motivation levels. Moreover, it might not be easy for people with tight schedules to adhere to and stick to a fitness plan. Fortunately, activity trackers can offer different workout ideas customized to cater to the current fitness levels.

It is essential to set realistic and achievable goals. Indulge in self-care by allowing fitness trackers to keep track of your fitness and health level. Self-tracking will allow users to stick to a healthier diet, exercise regularly, and sleep better.

Purchasing one without the effort to exercise and choose a sedentary lifestyle will not help achieve fitness goals. Aside from fitness trackers, people can consider purchasing other tools to help them.

A Weighing scale in Cork can be an excellent tool in providing visuals about the progress of a fitness goal. Whether it is losing or gaining weight, a weighing scale can help manage weight with precision and give a comprehensive view of body composition.

Another great help would be an Air Fryer in Cork, especially for people aiming to lose weight as it reduces disease risk compared to deep-fried foods. 

In today’s world, where many tend to overlook the importance of exercise and fitness for their health, start taking care of yourself now by considering purchasing an activity tracker to ensure that fitness goals are met.

Want to learn more about activity trackers? Read this infographic from Irwin’s Megastore.

History of Activity Trackers (From Pedometers to Fitbit)
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