How About a Space Addition Without Compromising on Aesthetics

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The answer to this, lies in an ADU remodeling & construction activity that brings to life your space-crunched home or property. But, does that change the original look and aesthetics of your abode? Certainly not. The transformation is carried out so seamlessly and efficiently that hardly you can differentiate between the new style from the old. Even if it is a detached or a semi-detached unit. Since I reside in Castro Valley CA, I will speak about homes in this region that have benefitted through one such extensive ADU remodeling work. If new space addition is your sole criteria, why not go for a loft or garage conversion that works out perfectly well. And, California ADU laws have changed for good in 2020, helping homeowners get more, by spending less. NO ‘impact fee’ and lesser approval time that makes an ADU construction in California state, a comparatively feasible proposition. Thus, homes below 750 sq. ft. are increasingly going for space addition, taking advantage of the new 2020 California ADU rules. And, I guess there are plenty of such homeowners.

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Functional Dwelling Space Does Matter for a Growing Family

This is one aspect that has impacted the living standards of families across the globe, and California is no exception. In fact, there is plenty of unused and idle lying space within the compounds of homes in this particular state of the US. Not just in Castro Valley, but almost in the length and breadth of the state. Starting from San Diego to San Francisco and Fresno. So, it does make sense for a growing family to go for ADU construction services in Castro Valley CA that help them reclaim almost all unutilized space. Be it a garage, basement or an attic from where new space can be reclaimed. Or for that matter, a completely new unit built from scratch, thought it might cost a bit more than converting your garage or parking space. At the end of the day, it is the much needed space which helps a family move around freely in a house, and stretch their legs. In fact, one such ADU can be converted into a rental accommodation for earning extra income. You can easily earn around $ 650 USD to $ 800 USD per month, or even more by renting a unit, depending upon its size.

It is suggested to know more about the ‘new’ California ADU guidelines that can help in your space addition and management needs. A typical ADU can be anything between 450 – 1000 sq. ft. Though size and design may vary according to cities and states. Your search for ADU contractors in Castro Valley can lead you to few reputed names in the city that know everything about the government certified new norms. After the new 2020 rules, there has been a 15 fold increase in ADU permit applications in the state of California. And why not, when it has become so user friendly and cost effective. Once you are aware of all the nitty gritties about California’s Department of Housing and Community Development regarding ADU construction, the task becomes a cakewalk. And don’t worry, your local contractor would know everything about it, and convey the same to you. So, go ahead with your plans of converting your attached/detached garage into a wonderful functional living space, and add a new meaning to your lifestyle.

 Done Right Home Remodeling is one of the bathroom remodeling contractors in Castro Valley, CA where you would get professional assistance. We would help you remodel your ADU in the most stunning way. No matter what your budget or taste might be, we would have the right solution for you. Get in touch with the real experts and get the best services that help you build a truly stunning ADU.

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