How Can You Get A Patent For Your Invention In The USA?


Are you into research? Has your hard work and effort yielded something fruitful? You must be proud of your invention, but do you know that you need to protect your creation? Yes, you got that right. It is your intellectual property that you have to safeguard against any form of misuse. How to do it? That is where a patent comes into play. The United States government gives you a monopoly over your creation for a fixed period, say twenty years. During this time, only you will have the right over it. You might be thinking, “How to patent an idea?” Well, keep all your worries at bay for we have got your back. This blog will walk you through every detail you need to know for getting a patent for your creation.

Which Idea Can Get A Patent?

You can get a patent for any invention. Do you have a novel idea that can solve a problem? Go ahead and get a patent. It covers everything ranging from machines, theories, products, processes, methods, to software. Even if you have brought some novel changes in any of these, it deserves a patent. You do not necessarily need to invent something that never existed before. Bringing about improvements in the existing things is also your contribution.

What Does A Patent Include?

Well, a patent includes all the specifications of your invention. It contains details regarding how you made the invention. That includes all the procedures that led to the creation. The patent will describe all these processes. The patent will also contain the scope of the invention. It will list out the areas where you can use the creation. In the end, it will have a series of claims. Here comes the most crucial part of a patent. In simple terms, the claims talk about the scope of the invention.

How To Get a Patent For Your Invention?

Earlier getting a patent involved a lot of legal hassles. You had to approach a lawyer, spend a lot of money, and do endless paperwork. However, those days are gone now. You can easily do it yourself. Forget about all your worries and follow the steps below.

Don’t Forget To Make A Written Record Of Your Invention

Document every minute detail about your invention. Start with how you came up with the idea. Explain all the steps that you followed. You can include charts and diagrams if required as it makes things simpler. It is the most crucial step. So, make sure you do not miss out on anything.

Check Whether The Invention Qualifies For Patent Protection

Having an idea is not enough for a patent. You must prove how your creation is novel. Is your invention unique? How does it differ from all the previous work in the field? Well, you cannot expect a patent if there is nothing new and different. In that case, it is better not to apply for a patent. That will be sheer wastage of money.

Check The Commercial Potential Of Your Creation

You have to spend thousands of bucks to get a patent. So, before investing the large sum, do some market research. Is it going to be a profitable venture? Will your invention cater to the needs of many people? After all, you cannot take a financial risk all of a sudden without testing the waters.

Search All The Previous Patents Thoroughly

You have to make sure that your work is new and has no precedent. For this, you need to go through several patents in the US as well as outside. It will take a lot of time. However, it is worthwhile.

Apply To The USPTO

It is the final and most crucial procedure. You can file a regular patent application or, you may also file a provisional patent application. In that case, you will be able to claim the ‘patent pending’ status. You will need a minimal processing fee for it.

How To Patent An Idea And Sell It?

Now that you know all the procedures to apply for a patent yourself, you might wish to learn how to sell your idea. Don’t worry. It is not that difficult. 

● Don’t stop with the idea. Make a path to transform the idea into a reality.

● Once you have chalked out the process and made the invention, file a patent application.

● Now you have three options.

● You may sell the patent right away. That will give you one-time money. However, you will no longer have any rights to the invention.

● You can also grant a license to an individual or a company to use your creation. In that case, you will retain all rights. You will also earn a regular royalty.

● If you do not wish to try any of the above, you can utilize your idea and start a commercial venture yourself.

Final Word

Patent Services USA is the one-stop solution if you wish to get a patent for your invention. They will provide you with consultancy services and also guide you with the application process. Moreover, you can also take their help to search for a patent. So, why are you waiting? Go ahead and take pride in your creation.

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