How I Pleased My Mother Inlaw On Her Birthday: That’s What You Have To Do In Love Marriages

Love Marriages

When you marry a girl, you don’t just marry that girl but you marry to her whole family. Yes, it is true. In India, you don’t just marry your girl or boy. You marry to their whole family. Take it in pragmatics sense. In India any family is almost a big banyan tree with lots of braches, and its core is mother who nurtures it. You have in your family, your mother and you have your other mother, who is your mother-in-law, your wife’s mother. And if you go deeper into Indian families you find so many mothers playing different roles. Here you take this statement in both pragmatics and semantics sense. You will have to do some extra efforts to win everyone’s heart. Specially your mother-in-law.

But we here are only going to talk about only one mother, which is your mother-in-law, who might be your best mother. Although hardly we could imagine that! Just joking! When I married to my wife, it definitely was a love marriage. My mother in law was not that good with me because I was not from the same community as my wife is. My marriage is an inter-caste marriage from society point of view rather than just being a love marriage.

It has been one year since my marriage that my mother-in-law now has become softened with me otherwise she was not that good with me. I don’t want to say cruel here! Just because of my wife I kept dancing before my mother in law convincing her that I am better suitor for her girl than what she would have searched. But she didn’t agree and not easily submit too. Even though it was natural but sometimes intolerable for me. Sometimes I thought I should have married to a girl in my community because everyday life becomes so dizzy when family members are not happy with you whether of your wife and yours.

Now my mother in law is okay with me and perhaps happy too because she has known that how much I love her daughter perhaps none could have and she must have agreed in her heart that only I am the best suitor for her daughter.

Just recently, only a week back we have celebrated my mother in law’s birthday. She has turned 60 years old, only in number while she looks 50. You must be thinking what gift I have given her on the birthday. Then I want to tell you I have arranged everything in the birthday party from a plate of food to even a décor of the party. And when a mother in law sees that her son in law is spending on her then she is more than happy. In above words you can say ecstatic!

On her birthday party when my turn came to say something about her that how I feel towards her now from when she didn’t agree for his hand to her daughter; then I have said everything what I could to express all what I have in my hear for my mother in law. My heart only holds a huge respect for her as I hold for my real mother. 

You perhaps don’t believe this but having heard this I came to tears and hugged me and loudly said at the party that I am her best son-in-law from all. And I must tell you all others were jealous. She has three daughters, that’s why because other sons in laws were just expecting what she had said for me that didn’t happen for them. For my mother in law, I read beautiful lines from birthday wishes for mother in law that I wrote from the internet. There is a great vast collection of it available on the internet. You can also try if you want to please your mother-in-law. For the rest of my life, my mother-in-law is happy with me and I thank myself for it. You all others son in-laws keep trying to please your mother in-laws and I guarantee you that one day she would be pleased with you. So what are you waiting for go and try once this to make her smile. I am sure she is going to love this.

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