How Often Should You Change Your Vehicle’s Engine Oil?


Your engine oil is responsible for the smooth and proper functioning of an engine. It works against the friction, collision of moving parts, and prevents the engine from overheating.  Because engine oil does a lot to protect your vehicle’s engine it needs to be changed periodically. The time interval for changing the engine oil in used car engines will be different compared to new engines. If you are driving the new engine you can get the engine oil checked according to the owner’s manual but in the used engine you will have to contact the local technician to know the right time of changing the engine oil. 

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People have a lot of misinformation about when is the right time to change the car engine oil or how often they should change their engine oil. Now you can clear your doubts through this post.

How can you check the oil level of your vehicle?

You can check your engine oil at least once a month to be sure that there’s an adequate amount of oil in your engine and also check whether it is polluted or not. You can use an oil dipstick to check its levels and quality. Make sure while checking the oil quantity and quality that the engine should be cold. While examining the oil level, if oil reaches the “refill ” part of the dipstick it means the time has come to add more oil to your oil tank. Hence, a dipstick is considered to be the best way to identify the exact level of engine oil in your vehicle.

How often should you change a vehicle’s engine oil?

It appears like a universal question, which has a simple answer, which is every three months or 3,000 miles. Many people may know this, but due to the different types and sizes of the engine, this rule is not perfect. For example, suppose you are using a Honda vehicle and you have replaced your old Honda engine with used honda enginedue to technical issues. In this case, the local mechanic informed you that this used engine is designed to run 8,000-10,000 miles without an oil change but you cannot abide only by mechanic words as the duration of oil change also depends on how you use and maintain your vehicle.

Effects of Not Changing Engine Oil

If you forget to change your engine oil at the right time, you might face some serious issues in your used engine or used motor which will always remind you to not repeat this in your near future. There are many engines related issues such as Corrosion, Collision of small moving parts, early wear and tear and so on that may occur in your vehicle’s engine when you don’t change its engine oil timely.  Go through some of the technical issues enumerated below that may occur in your engine if the engine oil is not changed when required.

Corrosion– It is a process where oil breaks down and creates corrosive compounds. These compounds make sludge on the engine parts and restrict the engine from its smooth functioning. Due to corrosion, your engine can start consuming more engine oil, resulting in an extra burden on your pocket over time.

Wear and tear– When oil breaks down in corrosive compounds it loses its ability to appropriately lubricate certain parts of the engine. Due to this, wear and tear of those parts become faster which results in early engine breakdown.

Poor Performance – The overall performance of your engine depends on the quality of the oil. Your engine efficiency goes down once the oil breaks down. So, if you want to maintain excellent engine performance change the engine oil as described in the owner’s manual.


The essence of the whole information is that you must change your car’s engine oil periodically. You can refer to your instruction book or car’s manual provided with your car to know the right time for an oil change. Also, ensure that there’s no leak and if there is some oil leakage under the hood, get it fixed as early as possible. If you want to become a responsible car owner, inculcate good habits in your daily routine and go for periodic engine evaluation to know the right interval of time for changing the engine oil.

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