How To Apply For Permanent Residence in Canada?

Permanent Residence

How to apply for permanent residence in Canada?

A permanent resident is a foreign citizen who has obtained permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada, but who is not yet a Canadian citizen. This is the step that precedes the application for Canadian citizenship. The status of permanent residence is characterized by the possession of a permanent resident card (PR) or permanent resident travel document (TVRP).

To be eligible, you must have spent at least 730 days in Canada. The request is made through the Express Entry device. This is valid for 90 days. Then the 6 month processing time begins. Once issued, the residence card is generally valid for 5 years.

Tip: take travel insurance before leaving for Canada:

Hospitals in Canada can charge $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 per night in hospital. This is why it is strongly recommended to use a stay insurance covering medical costs, as well as repatriation. We can offer and obtain good Axa travel insurance for you, starting at $ 27 for $ 30,000 of health costs covered in Canada. Australia Can be other option

Advice before leaving for Canada:

When to go to Canada: If you are planning to stay in Canada, the best time to visit this destination is summer and early fall, from June to September. September makes it possible to avoid the hot weather, the influx of tourists, and to pay less because the low tourist season begins.

• Hotels and accommodation: hotels are plentiful, but quite expensive. Youth hostel-type hotels can charge up to C $ 60-80 per night, per person, in a dormitory. For a private room for two people in a Canadian hotel, motel or bed and breakfast, it costs between $ 80 and $ 150 per night. The more luxurious hotels, finally, charge around C $ 200 per night.
• Currency: The Canadian dollar is worth a little less than the US dollar. The cost of living is similar to that in France (sometimes a little higher). In restaurants, you have to give around 15% tips.
• Health: In summer, use mosquito repellents. In winter, cover yourself warmly! In the event of an accident, dial 911.
• Vaccines: There is no mandatory or particularly recommended vaccine for Canada. You just have to be up to date with your “universal” vaccines: tetanus, polio, pertussis and diphtheria, measles, hepatitis B. For any request for additional information on vaccines, contact a vaccination center.
• Safety: Aside from the homeless who can be dangerous at night under the influence of alcohol, there are no safety concerns in Canada.
• Getting around: Public transport in Canada is highly developed. The big cities are well equipped (bus, metro, tram, taxi…). From city to city there is also an important transport network (plane, long distance bus, ferries, train…). You’ll be spoiled for choice. To visit or transit large cities, choose the plane. If, on the contrary, you start with the idea of ​​renting a car, traveling with an international driving license is preferable. For Parent Visa You can consult here

What to do in Quebec? The unavoidable:

Coming to Canada is magical, under the snow in winter or under the heat in summer. You will likely land at Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. Immigration officers upon exiting the plane will verify your current visa / eTA. Discover Montreal for 2 to 3 days.
• Go north, to historic Quebec City for 2 days.
• Continue to visit Charlevoix, and Tadoussac.
• Come back to visit the Laurentides reserve and the Jacques-Cartier national park.

What to do in the rest of Canada? Recommended routes

Spend at least 2 days in Vancouver. Then extend your journey for a few days by Vancouver Island, which includes Telegraph Cove and its capital Victoria.
• Travel to British Columbia National Parks. Go through Calgary.
• It is advisable to spend some time in Toronto, one of the main Canadian cities.
• Visit Ottawa, the capital.
Useful links
• Canadian Tourist Board: You will find all the useful information for tourists to visit this destination.
• Before your departure, for any information request, consult the Travel advice for Canada section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Entry formalities in other countries in America:

Do you want to transit New York? Are you going on a traveling trip to North America? Or all over America? The temporary Canadian visa is not enough. You may need a prior visa before you leave if you wish to visit America. Check the conditions for entering the territory of certain destination countries, and make your request online on our site:

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