How to Archive Yahoo Mail Locally

Archive Yahoo Mail Locally
Archive Yahoo Mail Locally

Are you looking to archive Yahoo Mail locally?

If yes, then you have come to the right platform!

Yahoo is a web mail which had been popular amongst many people. However, Yahoo Mail had experienced many ups and downs few years back.

In September 2016, Yahoo email account of around 500 million users were compromised. Yahoo also revealed that in the subsequent years nearly 1 billion users email account was hacked.

Such situations have prompted the Yahoo Mail users to switch to other email platform which is more secure and safe.
The sudden and unsolicited actions of unauthorized users can cause harm to email account of the users. Thus, it becomes evident to take the backup of the Yahoo emails such that it can be accessed in other email account. Also, it can be safeguarded so that if the email account is hacked then the users have a backup of it.

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Methods to Archive Yahoo Mails Locally

There are possibly two methods in order to archive Yahoo Mails locally:

  1. Manual Method
  2. Automated Method

Manual Archiving Emails From Yahoo Account

The users can opt for manual method which is available free of cost and just requires human effort. Here, the manual method is ‘Export Using Microsoft Outlook’.
Before starting with the backup, firstly you need to generate app password for a third party app.

The following are the steps to prepare Yahoo Mail account before it is configured into Outlook account for exporting emails locally:

1. Click on your account picture and then, click on ‘Account info’.
2. Select ‘Account Security’ from the left pane and on the right side, select ‘Manage app passwords’.
3. A pop up window will get opened where you need to ‘Select your app’ as ‘Outlook desktop’ and then click on ‘Generate’.
4. An app password would get generated which would be used when configuring Yahoo Mail email account into Outlook desktop application. Copy this app generated password and click on ‘Done’ button.

The following are the steps in order to configure Yahoo Mail email account into Outlook desktop application:

1. Open the Outlook email account.
2. Go to the ‘File’ and click on the ‘Add Account’ button.
3. Enter the Yahoo Mail email id and then click on ‘Connect’ button.
4. Enter the app generated password and then click on ‘Connect’ button.
5. Click on ‘Done’ button.
6. Open the Outlook desktop application and you will see that Yahoo Mail has been successfully configured into Outlook application.

Export Yahoo Mail Data to your PC

The following are the steps in order to export Yahoo Mail data to your PC:

1. Go to ‘File’, select ‘Open & Export’ and then click on ‘Import/Export’ option.
2. In an opened ‘Import and Export Wizard’ window, select ‘Export to a file’ and then click on ‘Next’ button.
3. Choose the file type as ‘Outlook Data File (.pst)’ and click on ‘Next’ button.
4. ‘Select the folders to export’ from which you want to export. Then, click on ‘Next’ button.
5. Browse and choose the destination folder where the exported file can be saved. Then, click on ‘Finish’ button to start the export process.
Once the export process is complete then, you can check the exported files in the destination folder.

Limitations of the Manual Method

  • It is complex and lengthy process
  • Only a single mail folder can be exported at a time
  • It requires multiple steps and thus, it is a time-consuming process
  • There is a possibility of data loss during export process
  • There are chances of human errors
  • It is not suitable for non-technical users

Automated Solution to Archive Yahoo Emails

Yahoo Backup Tool is a safe and reliable software which can backup Yahoo emails into multiple file formats. The user can choose the best email file format that suits to his requirements.

The following are the steps involved in order to backup Yahoo Mail emails:

1. Install and Launch ‘Yahoo Backup Tool’.
2. Enter the Yahoo Mail credentials like username and password. Then, click on ‘Login’ button.
3. Select the email format as ‘PDF’.
4. Check on ‘Save Attachment on Disk’ to save the Yahoo mails on disk for PDF writer.
5. Browse the final destination where the exported email files can be stored. Navigate and select the location. Then, click on ‘OK’ button.
6. You can see the destination location path in the textbox corresponding to the ‘Browse’ button.
7. Click on ‘Delete After Download’ option to delete the emails from the server after download. A window pop up appears, click on ‘Yes’ button.
8. ‘Apply filter’ provides two options as below:
Select Folders: Allow to select the folders to be backed up
Date Filter: Allows to include date range as ‘From’ and ‘To’
9. ‘Incremental Backup’ allows to take the backup from where the process had stopped. It should be ensured that the machine remains the same.
10. Click on ‘Start’ button to start the export process.
11. Once the export process will complete, then a pop up window will appear with a message ‘Download completed successfully’.

Final Thoughts

In the above blog, a brief on Yahoo Mail, the instance which caused the need to archive Yahoo mails locally and the possible methods to export other yahoo data on local hard drive have been explained.
The manual method has certain limitations which makes it unfit whereas automated tool is the trusted and reliable software which has been tested and verified by the experts. Thus, you can test the demo version of the tool and take the decision accordingly.

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