How To Backup MBOX File in Office 365 Manually & Alternatively

MBOX File in Office

Are you having need to backup MBOX file in Office 365? Then you can trust on this blog that can help you to overcome from how to backup MBOX files in Office 365 problem. It will describe a manual & an alternative solution to properly save MBOX files to O365.

MBOX is the mailbox extension of 29+ mail clients/webmail apps –Mac Mail, Eudora, Entourage, Postbox, SeaMonkey, PocoMail, Spicebird, The Bat, Gmail, Google Takeout, Horde Webmail, Thunderbird, Powermail, OperaMail, Mulberry, etc. Outlook 365 is a webmail-client of Microsoft & doesn’t have an import or export option for the MBOX format to import data. So their direct mails migration of MBOX to Office 365 is not possible, but the manual trick can do this task and backup MBOX files data in MS Office 365. The given below manual trick is very lengthy and not useful for non-technical users, so in this blog, an alternative solution is also available for saving MBOX files in the O365 cloud account. 

How to backup MBOX File in O365 Manually

 The manual trick has multiple parts and if you would like to understand the complete process of the manual process then follow the given parts –

Part 1. Import Entire MBOX files in Thunderbird by Import Export Tools Add-ons

  • Install, configure & launch Thunderbird in your system.
  • Add ImportExport Tools add-ons in your system.
  • Go to the Tools menu and select the Import Export Tools option.
  • Then select the import MBOX file option and browse your saved MBOX file.
  • Click on the OK button.

Part 2 Export the data in EML from Thunderbird.

  • Re-open Thunderbird and select imported MBOX mails.
  • Drag them and drop at any location.
  • It will save in EML file format.

Part 3. Import saved .eml files in Windows Live Mail.

  • Install, configure & open Windows Live Mail.
  • Go with File Menu  and create a new folder with any name in Windows Live Mail.
  • Navigate to saved EML files and drag them & drop in the newly created folder of Windows Live Mail.
  • Check all imported mails in Windows Live Mail.

Part 4. Export Windows Live Mail EML files into Outlook.

  • Install & configure Outlook in same machine.
  • Reopen Windows Live Mail and go to File Menu.
  • Select Export & Export Messages option.
  • Choose MS Exchange Sever Option.
  • Choose mailbox which want to save in Outlook.
  • Click on OK button
  • Processing starts and complete with a confirmation message.

Part 5. Export PST files from Outlook.

  • Open Outlook and check all exported mails.
  • Go to File Menu and click on Open & Export option
  • Choose ImportExport option.
  • Then choose Export to a File function.
  • Browse any location to save output files.

Part 6. Save PST file in Office 365.

Navigate output PST file and follow the blog to know how to import PST file in Office 365 manually.

Drawbacks of the Manual Tricks

  • Windows Live Mail & Outlook both should save in same machine. Otherwise it cannot do the migration.
  • If Thunderbird, WLM & Outlook don’t install or configure properly then it cannot do the mail migration.
  • It is a very lengthy process if users have no much time to perform the process then it can waste their time.
  • Technical skills are required for executing the process.
  • Not a perfect solution.
  • It is very risky for MBOX data to O365.
  • If you skip any step then it may lose your data.

How to Save MBOX file in Office 365 with an alternative solution 

If you don’t want to follow the above-given manual trick then you can go also try PCVARE MBOX Converter that is a trustworthy utility to solve all issues regarding how to backup MBOX file in Office 365. If you have lots of MBOX files and want to save them in O365 directly then you can also go with this solution that can directly save multiple MBOX files in Office 365 at once and save your time from single processing. It is a safe & perfect utility to save MBOX file in Office 365.

It also provides a free demo edition that allows exporting 25 emails from MBOX to O365 at once and then decided to go for complete MBOX migration to O365 cloud account. Now it’s your choice to go for the MBOX to Office 365 cloud account migration without missing any details.

Note – If you want to know how to save EML files to Office 365 then read this post >>

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