How to Buy the Best Bluetooth Speakers : Buying Guide

Best Bluetooth Speakers
Best Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are a really easy way to connect to songs. Continuous music is stored on mobile phones or other devices with Bluetooth enabled.

Using Bluetooth speakers you can listen to music from these small portable devices at the right size and without the use of earphones.

There is a huge selection of Bluetooth speakers on the market, so keep in mind what to buy when buying the best Bluetooth speaker.

As expected, there is a huge difference in quality and performance, so it is a good idea to test what you need and determine the best quality in terms of specifications and then price.

How Bluetooth Speakers Work:

Because as the title suggests, Bluetooth speakers use Bluetooth communication to provide such a connection between the audio input and the Audio system.

Focus on Bluetooth:

Bluetooth is the standard for wireless connectivity for short-distance communication.

Using technologies such as the 2.48 GHz ISM band and frequency hopping, it has developed into a standard used only for audio connections, but many other wireless connectivity, including IoT, the essence of low power.

Bluetooth speakers include Bluetooth connectivity, amplifiers, and speakers. The battery is also involved in making the speaker self-regulating and portable.

Auxiliary input is also often provided to enable wired connectivity if needed.

Control over Bluetooth speakers is usually designed with an on / off switch, volume control, pairing button, and indicator, and in some cases, NFC may be available to facilitate pairing.

How to choose the best Bluetooth speaker:

The first step in choosing the best Bluetooth speaker to buy is to decide if you want to use it.

Some speakers may be for home use – others may be outside, you can list while barbecuing outside, etc., while others may be portable speakers as you travel.

Before deciding on the best speaker for you, you need to decide what it is. Buying the best home Bluetooth speaker might not be the best for travel, as the specifications are entirely different.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a Bluetooth speaker:

Battery life:

Battery life is an important parameter to consider. You want to recharge the speaker every hour.

You need to be able to do it as long as you expect it to be necessary. Smaller speakers have smaller batteries and last longer, but some larger ones last up to 24 hours.

The more typical length of operation is probably four to ten hours, and this is referred to as average battery life. The reason for this is that the louder the speaker you play, the more it will turn on and before the battery recharges.

However, when buying Bluetooth loudspeakers, make sure the battery life fits your needs. Keep in mind that Li-ion batteries do not like to be fully discharged, so charge them before using the speaker and do not discharge them. Also, the batteries get old, so the amount they charge may drop.

Audio quality:

Bluetooth speaker looks good. Often they give specifications for total harmonic distortion and have a good target of less than 1%. Less is better. Some speakers do not provide specifications for this, so you may want to listen to it. Also, the frequency response is very important.

Some speakers sound better than others and this is the result of a much better frequency response. The film features upper and lower frequency agencies that are heard before the response roll. Statistics such as 100 Hz to 20 kHz can be seen.

100 Hz point low-frequency frequency and 20 kHz maximum frequency. Most of us can not hear up to 20 kHz, especially as we get older, the maximum frequency is not enough. The lower-frequency point indicates the level of bass we expect – the lower the better.


There are many different styles available for Bluetooth speakers. This means that it is possible to choose the style that suits you best.


Bluetooth speakers come in different sizes. Shorter are cylindrical or spherical types, larger for compact operation and also for carrying in luggage and providing high-quality audio.

They can be rectangular or cylindrical. Larger ones usually have better audio quality and larger ones have a larger battery for longer use.

Audio Power:

Not all Bluetooth speakers specify this parameter. When it is said, it is given in watts.

Ten watts are loud, though the ability of the speaker in such a small context means that they are not very efficient. Be aware that larger rooms require more energy to use inside and out.


Bluetooth speakers are convenient because they are portable and can be placed in most areas, even near water. Water and electronics do not mix, so having a speaker made of waterproofing can be very useful.

Some speakers also sink, but these are common for those with water resistance. Water repellent speakers are especially useful when used on the side of a pool or on the beach.

Bluetooth version:

Often there is a specification for the Bluetooth version. Bluetooth v.1 was the first version that came out many years ago, and it is very rare to find any device that uses it now.

Version 2.1 looks great, but there are also many products that use later versions such as Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth 5.

The big question is what is the Bluetooth version number when you buy the speaker. The main advance for audio came with Bluetooth 2.1 with a profile called EDR or Improved Data Rate.

It boosted audio quality by allowing wireless data to carry more data, which allowed it to provide a more reliable representation of sound.

So it would be nice if the speaker had Bluetooth 2.1 or higher – higher versions would definitely add extra capability to things like fitness trackers or data collection from other sensors.

It does not matter as long as your speaker has all kinds of additional functions (unlikely), however it is not a negative.

Connecting Multiple Speakers:

Some speakers have the ability to connect to other speakers for stereo sound. If stereo sound is important, it’s worth checking out and keeping it on the “Wants” list because there are few speakers that do this now.


Connecting a music source such as a phone or iPod to a Bluetooth speaker is usually very easy. Although it is possible to use NFC, there are speakers capable of skipping settings in field communication on NFC and start playing music.

NFC allows compatible devices to be connected to the speaker via Bluetooth only by pressing both at the same time. The trouble is, despite the NFC capability for iPhones, it is used for Apple Pay and, as a result, NFC is only dedicated to it for security reasons.

This means that this capability will only work with Android phones. But, hey, connecting to Bluetooth is so easy these days.

Wired Input:

Most older devices, such as the iPod Classic, do not have Bluetooth. You can buy a small Bluetooth transmitter or you can even consider a good old wired audio cable!

Virtually all speakers have a 3.5mm jack input, so it is still possible to connect wire-only devices via a suitable cable. It is always a good idea to check before jacking that there is jack input for a particular speech.

Speaker Phone Capacity:

You need to make a call when using the phone as a music source. This can be done using speakers that have a microphone with speakerphone functionality.

This is useful if the speaker is to be used at a desk – it would be very annoying to others if it was used on the swimming pool side because everyone can hear the conversation.

There are many types of Bluetooth speakers available to buy from a wide variety of outlets. Some are very cheap, others are very expensive.

Depending on what you want, it’s best for the quality and performance that you are good at – it’s really cheap to go for things like travel and you will leave it and worry about it. No.

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