How To Buy The Right Size Maternity Clothing Every Single Time

How To Buy The Right Size Maternity Clothing Every Single Time
When & How to Buy the Right Size Maternity Clothing?

Hello, pregnant mama! Today we tackle a hugely complicated topic – how to buy the right maternity clothing for your body. We know you are excited to get your hands on the latest mama fashion. All the fashion bloggers on Instagram may have convinced you to go shopping right after you know you’re pregnant. While it’s always exciting to buy new clothes (right?), shopping for maternity clothes should never be done on a whim. And there’s a good reason for that.

Maternity clothes are somewhat unlike your regular wear in the sense that your body’s proportions change drastically during the last trimester. This makes buying clothes a little trickier than usual. Also, ideally, you would want to carry these clothes to your post bump wardrobe as well. So it makes sense to invest in pieces that would stand the test of time.

Is It Time For You To Buy Maternity Clothes?

Well, there is no particular rule-book to follow here. Your body is your guide. Still, if you want more clarity, we did an article on how to help you decide when is the right time.

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to wait the first 12 weeks because you’re body is still settling in, and most moms don’t begin to show that. For first-time moms, the excitement to buy maternity clothes might be, genuine but we urge you to wait out the first couple of months if you can. However, if the excitement is starting to get too much, just give in. Nothing is more important than being happy during these months.

How To Buy Maternity Clothes

Ok. So all signs tell you it’s time to buy maternity clothes. But where do you start? Several factors need to be considered before going full swing into the shopping mode. Let’s look at the top players you should consider.

1) Sizing

Wearing the right size of clothing makes a lot of difference to your appearance. This stands even more true for maternity clothes because pregnancy makes you bulkier, and that oversize pair of jeans and tee might not be your sharpest look around this time. Maternity clothing sizes have most people confused. But it shouldn’t be.

If you wore an L or S, or a size 6 or 8 in your pre-pregnancy wear, your maternity wear size would also be the same. While this happens in most cases, sometimes a previously size 6 person might need a maternity size 8. Everything eventually boils down to the size of your bump and its proportion to the rest of your body. Many women might find that their bra sizes go up a cup or more even before their bump starts showing.

2) Sheerness

This one follows directly from the point above. Since most maternity clothes have a lot of stretchability, it’s crucial to check if the fabric becomes sheer when stretched. If you are buying directly from a physical store, make sure you do a stretch check to your satisfaction. After all, you don’t want any unwitting accidents. Checking for sheerness becomes difficult when buying clothes online. Therefore, buy from places you trust, offer an exchange, and preferably have a contact number to address queries.

3) Go for Ruching

When in doubt, go for ruching. Luckily, ruched dresses and tops are totally in vogue right now and suit every single body type. The thing about ruching is that you can carry a ruched garment right from the first trimester to postpartum because it gives so much room for movement and expansion. Ruching looks cute and is super comfy.

4) Does your store offer Exchanged/Refunds?

This is perhaps the most noteworthy of the list. Whether you’re buying from a store or online, always remember to read the fine print on returns and exchanges. Bodies vary, and there is no one-size-fits-all in maternity clothes. Therefore it is of utmost your store is open to exchanges/returns to not put your money to waste if you buy the wrong size.

How Many Clothes Is Too Many?

Ok, we are back to basics. How many pieces and types of clothing do you need to get through maternity and post-pregnancy? A lot depends on how far along you are if you are a working mom and other general preferences. But it’s good to have a few staples, like, a pair of black leggings, mom jeans, a couple of breathable t-shirts, tank tops for hot days, and underwear.

That’s all, folks! We hope this article will help you make an informed choice when buying maternity clothes.

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