How To Choose A Yin Yoga Teacher Training

yin yoga teacher training
yin yoga teacher training

Yin yoga is one of the most common styles of yoga practice. The yin yoga practice uses ancient Chinese philosophies and Taoist principles. These preach the belief energy pathways (Qi) in our bodies. Yin yoga thus has to do with the process of opening up and realizing these energies. Yin yoga is a slow and meditative yoga practice that focuses on the muscles and connective tissues like the ligaments, joints, bones, and fascia. People who are familiar with yin yoga can attest to the benefits the yoga style offers. Due to its popularity and great benefits, many people are developing an interest in becoming a yin yoga teacher. If you have decided to learn, then knowing how to choose a yin yoga teacher training is essential. 

How To Choose The Right Yin Yoga Teacher Training

A yin yoga teacher training will expose you to a lot of things both in theory and practice. However, this article is written to provide some useful tips to guide your choice of training.  It serves as a guide that will help you evaluate your options properly to avoid making any mistake. Here, there are five common tips that will help you choose the right yin yoga teacher training.

  • Check Your Pocket

Choosing the right yin yoga teacher training comes with a lot of considerations. One of them is your financial capability. You will see many yin yoga teacher training programs at different costs. But your pocket is one of the things that determine which you will go for eventually. It is good to have a budget as it saves you from overspending. A budget keeps you within the range of what you can afford. Also, having a budget will help you quickly streamline your options of yin yoga teacher training programs. You will not even look twice at the training programs that exceed your budget.

  • Why Do You Want To Learn?

There can be two major reasons why you want to enroll for a yin yoga teacher training. One is because you desire to become a qualified and certified yin yoga teacher. That way, you intend to make a career out of it. The second reason is that you want to increase your knowledge of yin yoga. Here you do not intend to build a yin yoga teaching career. These two reasons will also influence your decision when choosing a yin yoga teacher training. For instance, if you are interested in learning yin yoga to teach, you have to choose a better training program. It would be best to go for the yin yoga teacher training program that ranks high in recognition, experience, certification, and performance. This is different if you only want to boost your knowledge.

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  • Consider Your Schedules And Availability

Another thing you must have in mind while choosing a yin yoga teacher training is your schedule. How busy are you? Can you be available for the training? Can you devote enough time and commitment? Before choosing a yin yoga teacher training, you need to ascertain that the training timetable does not clash with your work hours or other important activities. Convenience is essential here. If you notice it will be hard to balance the training program with work schedules and other must-do activities, drop that option. However, note that adding teacher training to your already packed schedules is a great deal. Still, you can find an alternative yin yoga teacher training that does not completely push you out of your comfort zone.

  • How Long Does The Training Take?

It would help if you also considered the yin yoga teacher training duration before finalizing your decision. Many people started a yin yoga teacher training only to feel discouraged during the learning period. One reason for this is that they feel discouraged to continue due to the pace at which the training moves. It is therefore essential to see a yin yoga teacher training that has a duration that is comfortable with you. Knowing the duration helps you understand how long you have to keep at it. That knowledge also helps you build a mental preparedness that improves learning.

  • Know Your Instructors

Instructors or trainers play a huge role in determining your successful completion or otherwise of your yin yoga teacher training. One last task before going with your teacher training option; research your instructors. Despite all you factors considered in choosing a yin yoga teacher training, not knowing the instructors may hinder your learning. Are your instructors knowledgeable enough to take you? How much experience do they possess? What are their teaching styles? What are their success rates? These and many more questions are what you must find answers to before finally resolving on a particular yin yoga teacher training.


With the above explanations, you should have gotten everything you need to choose a yin yoga teacher training. If you leverage these tips, you will later realize how essential they are. They will ultimately save you money, prevent you from wasting your time, and help you secure suitable yin yoga teacher training. You can never go wrong by following these tips.

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