How To Choose The Best Protein Bar In India?

Best Protein Bars

When we talk about eating healthy, nutrients rich, low calories foods, we are not left with many options. Yes, we can add fruits, vegetables, and nuts for healthy eating habits. But do you really think we can eat these anywhere and anytime? These are good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but if you want something as snacks, these are not enough and sometimes affordable. It is better to carry with you the protein bars that you can eat while traveling, snack time, anywhere, and anytime. 

Healthy Vegan Protein Bars
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Protein bars are loaded with protein that helps you to get enough protein as per your requirement. To achieve lean muscle mass, you need protein in sufficient amounts but it is not possible to have always at the right time. So, carry these bars in your bag while going to the gym or traveling to another place. 

If you are a common health-conscious, you can also use it that gives you enough energy to do your daily activities. Though the market is filled with so many brands that claim to provide the best protein bar in India, it is not always correct that the possibility of their claims is right. So, here we suggest some of the best protein bars which will definitely give you effective results.

3 Best Protein Bars That You Need to Consider

If the protein bar is having the same nutrients that it claims to have, it is an important source of nutrients. These are good sources of carbs, protein, fats, and other nutrients in apt ratio. Besides it provides energy and do a lot of things to the health that includes:

  • Quick muscle recovery
  • Aids in weight loss.
  • Regulates the blood pressure
  • Satiate the cravings and keep you fuller for a long time. 

Here are some of the best protein bars in India:;

  • MuscleBlaze Protein Bar: The protein used in this protein bar is whey protein high quality of protein. The whey is sourced from the USA. MuscleBlaze Protein Bar consists of 27 essential vitamins and minerals that help you in healthy snacking by strengthening your immunity. Along with that, it is a clean source of carbs that ensures clean calories for high energy. It consists of 4.2 grams of fibre that keeps your digestive tract good. With nuts and berries, this protein bar is a good source of antioxidants that fights against free radicals.
  • Yogabar Breakfast Protein Bar: It looks slim but effective. Do you have the habits of munching and looking for a healthy option to avoid the bad habits of munching? Yogabar Breakfast Protein Bar is the best bar for you. The bar is a good source of many healthy and nutritious ingredients that helps you to gain your best fitness without compromising taste buds. It consists of 8 gram of protein, 10 grams of carbohydrates, and 7 gram of fiber. This contains seeds, whole grains, Himalayan pink salt, fiber, dried cranberry, honey, nuts, dried coconut,  soy crisps, apple fiber, and ginger.
  • RiteBite Max Protein Daily: Are you on diet? Cravings allure so much. But if you follow your sweet tooth feelings, you are going to fall into self-guilt later. So, it is better to use such a healthy option that gives you the same taste but not the calories. RiteBite Max Protein Daily is the best choice for this purpose. It is 100% vegetarian and free of sugar. If you want not to get carried away with the cravings, you should always have it in your pocket. It is also a good way to avoid stress eating and gaining extra unwanted weight. The nutritional profile of this protein bar including yoghurt powder, flaxseeds, strawberry, whole grain rolled oats, protein blend, and others. It is a rich source of omega-3 and consists of many other nutrients like 21 vitamins, 5 grams of fibre, and 10grams of protein.

Protein bars can not be the full replacement of your balanced meal but it can be the best source of protein and other nutrients that you can’t find in junk or processed foods. When every Indian wants to be more active and fit, he should incorporate the healthy supplements in his diet. The nutrition industry is growing as never before. It is ready to provide you with all the nutrients on a simple pack so if protein bars are getting popular in India, it is not much of a surprise.

But some protein bars have high amounts of sugar, fillers, and sweeteners that can create several health issues including unwanted weight gain, high blood sugar level, heart risk, and others.

Slowly protein bars are making a place in your healthy eating habits and replacing the processed foods that are a really good chance of living in the healthy world.

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