How To Clean A Laminate Floor

Clean A Laminate Floor

As durable, affordable and desirable as laminate floors can be, they require a little maintenance to stay the best they can be. Proper cleaning will help extend the life of your floor. Keep the surface dust-free to avoid scratches and premature wear, and be especially careful about spreads and cleaning techniques to prevent irreparable damage to the water. Take a look at the best cleansers and products to use when cleaning your laminate floor and also learn more about what not to use.

Dry mop

If you practice decorating your floor you will prevent scratches and surface damage from occurring on your laminate floor; Aim to clean up every day. Opt for a giant microfiber broom head that will collect and stick to everyday dirt as it tracks your floor. The microfiber heads are reusable and can be washed again and again
By capturing debris (such as dirt and dust brought by shoes and paws) before you wash your floor, you will reduce the likelihood of grinding the same dirt into the laminate surface with constant foot traffic.
Spot Dry mopping is also a necessary step before cleaning any deep spot, because if it is left in place, those dirt particles can act like sandpaper between your rag and the laminate surface.


For easily accessible areas or quick daily maintenance, turn to a vacuum that can help keep dust and dirt off the floor surface, from corners and under furniture. Use some best vacuum cleaners for laminate floors. Many vacuum products come with attachments that are especially helpful for cleaning hard surfaces such as laminate floors, such as microfiber pads that attach directly to the vacuum head to catch dust and any particles missed by the vacuum sucking. Romantic vacuum is also best on laminate surfaces and can take a lot of pressure from manual cleaning.

DIY Cleaning Solutions

Many suggest that an older mixture of vinegar and water is the best cleaner for brand-name products. To make your own laminate cleaner, simply mix equal parts hot water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Use the bottle before mopping the floor with microfiber, and you’re ready.
If you can’t stand the smell of vinegar, remember that it will dissolve quickly. Also, remember that you can always add a few drops of oil to the fragrance you like (lemon, eucalyptus, etc.) or add a few drops of fragrant dish to the mixture in your spray bottle. Just be aware that these products can dull the shine produced by vinegar and grease your elbows.

This homemade cleaning solution is not much cheaper than the retail brand (it costs only pennies per bottle), but it is more environmentally sustainable and does not bring additional chemicals into your home, which can help your family members or guests. Which are sensitive.
How to secure a laminate floor

  • Wet wet spread clean immediately. Water + Laminate = Disaster
  • Use glides or pads under your furniture.
  • Furniture Try to lift the furniture lift when you move it or place a carpet or cushion under the furniture, as you cannot slide the surface of the laminate floor.
  • Place the mats under your furry friend’s water bowl and think of a mat under your child’s chair.

What to avoid when cleaning laminate
There are many things to consider when it comes to laminate floor cleaning, so follow these tips to avoid damaging the surface or flooring layer.
Am Do not use steam cleaners. Heat and moisture will affect the glued layers and damage the water over time.

Do not soak the floor with drippy mop.

Ist Bristol brooms have a tendency to release particles that can contribute to surface wear; It is best to stick with a soft microfiber dry mop.

Products Avoid products that promote glare. Vaccine buildup can be difficult to remove.

Don’t use a wood scrubber like Wood Murphy Oil Soap. It will leave debris on the surface and the rope will appear.

Avoid abrasive scrubbers like Rat Scratchy Sponge or Steel Ool. Baking soda, too, when applied and rubbed aggressively, damages the floor of the laminate.

Ine vinegar, despite being a popular ingredient in homemade cleansers, is highly acidic and can break down laminate surfaces when used in high concentrations over time.

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