How To Differentiate Between Business And Busyness?

Business Busyness
Business And Busyness

There is no sign until today that busyness encourages your moves in business and flourishes it. Busyness does not lead the business to procure and fulfil your ambitions while turning on with Business makes you undependable and makes you feel self-reliant.

Busyness does not increase your business while growing endeavours for business can thrift their movement to succeed. A busy man focuses on multiple things, proliferates to his business, and focuses only on the main thing. The man doing numerous things achieves results equal to zero.

Do not focus on multiple things and come on with concentrating on the main thing. When you focus on the main thing, the business will follow you, and when you focus on the multiple things, nothing will follow you. That is the main object of this blog.

People take turns all the time; they could not achieve any goal. If you wish to accomplish a goal, then do not take round and round. When you take rounds, you would have missed the proportions of taking advantage of your doing business. You will forget that the main focus and ruin all the things before you.

The Confusion in Business

Some people focus on the main thing can get the right opportunity to achieve all the things in time and get with the maximum number of advantages. They think of the things that encircle the goals and give them the main preferences to stipulate the concerns. They achieve all things coming across on their way.

Actually, Business and Busyness are inversely proportionate to each other. When you feel busier, you see the meter of your business going downwards. And when you avoid busyness and focus on the central point of doing your business, you see your business grow in multiple ways.

This is the myth that being too busy can lead to business terminologies, while focusing on multiple things can help achieve various goals and business targets. People tend to make a to-do list and write 10 to 20 activities and stuck between the reorientation and disorientation.

They linger their life’s routine with the things and activities written on it, make a hustle-bustle with the targets, and divert their objectives. In fact, sometimes, the best thing to do is not to follow your things to do; it means sometimes avoiding the to-do list is the best thing to do.

Adjusting the routine

Here in this blog, you shall be provided with a template as considered and proposed further. In a things-to-do list, block your schedules like as suggested in the following:

Categorise the main thing which is to be done from the morning to the midday. It means blocking your time from eight in the morning to two in the midday. The rest of the office time or from two of midday to eight of the evening arranges to cumulate the multiple things.

The main thing cannot be related to multiple things; they are actually the key driver. Ask yourself what can be the key driver to attend the whole day and get the fruitful results. You should divide your entire day into two parts.

The first part is between 8 AM to 2 PM, focusing on the main thing or the key driver and key concentrated area, and the rest of the daily routine things must be done in the second part. The second part derives from the activities done with multiple things.

Why to focus on a single direction For a successful Business

The key drivers or the main things get missed because they lack focus, and urgent work tends to consume your time. Things like multiple activities and become multi-tasking is all myth. This is a delusion that makes a person disoriented and loses its productivity. 

For instance, five horses are running the same chariot, and suddenly the five horses lose fastened from the chariot and running in different directions. What will happen? The chariot will lose its speed, and instead of doing its activity, it will collapse to the ground.

The chariot in the example symbolises your life, and the different directions used here to symbolise the multiple things that may conclude in achieving nothing. When you move in the same direction with high speed and with the same courage all collectively induced together, you achieve the primary target.

With this, you can gain productivity, speed, efficiency and effectiveness. You may have been familiar with the Pareto principle. It repudiates the multi-tasking system, and it refuses its ideology. The 20% you give on main focus is what will generate the multiple results of 80%.

The problem is when you focus on multiple results; you will not get the main and multiple. You can gain the financial terms in the form of a small business loan.                              

The 20% focus can bring the 80% results, and now the question is, what is that 20% focus. Extraordinary business comes from Minimum Busyness. Pareto principle encourages taking initiatives by focussing on the main thing rather than on multiple activities. 

You might be thinking that multitasking is nothing but fruitless opinion. Multitasking, in today’s era, is a must. Today multitasking has become a fashionable word, you can Google it, and you can get the multiple results there. The newspapers are defending it, which is nothing but false apprehensions.

What at the final discussion

One can be multitasking but not multi-focus. There are a lot of defences between multitasking and multi-focus. You can walk while calling someone on the phone that is a multitasking, but when you are in a trivial meeting and are having a brainstorming session, you cannot think of different things altogether.

Multi-focus is not possible. The multi activity can be made possible, but you cannot be multi-focus. This is the biggest myth to have a trait called multitasking which is getting a considerable appreciation. As per Steve Uzzell- ‘Multitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time’.

It is an addiction to have a bounce between multiple works and keep shifting the orientation. When you tend to move your orientation, again and again, you are taking efficiency down.

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