How To Differentiate Between Loungewear And Sleepwear

Loungewear And Sleepwear

“How can we differentiate between loungewear and sleepwear?” is a question that is asked very commonly. And to answer this, Greg Morago of LA Times says: “We sleep in our loungewear. We lounge in our sleepwear. So, what’s the difference?”


These two maybe heavily intertwined and overlapping but are actually, different to define. For some, there really isn’t any difference, after all, aren’t all comfy sweatshirts and pyjamas made for lazying around?

Loungewear Vs Sleepwear

There is a wintery nip in the air, and we are rearranging our closets to get our outfits ready with the right amount of cosiness. But are you guilty of being at home in those lousy, ragged t-shirts and your boyfriend’s track pants?

Well well, a guide to the modern luxury of stylish unwinding at your home would suggest you to get your hands on quirky printed, colourful pyjamas, stretchy loungewear tracksuits, loose and comfortable sweatshirts and tunics and pretty printed loungewear sets.

How do we define Loungewear?

Loungewear is actually what we love lounging in. They are usually the separates lying around in our closet- tees, tank tops, shorts, capris, sweatshirts that could be mixed and matched and worn as per our wish. You can also buy loungewear sets online to look and feel good. Before they had a more laid back vibe to it, but now, loungewear too are made to be tailor-fit, so that you can even walk out of your house in your sweats without looking unkempt and shabby.

Who wears loungewear?

Anyone who is looking for something comfortable and cosy. They cosily drape our bodies while we rush to finish our long pending deskwork in the wee hours of the day. Also, it is amazingly effortless to attend sudden arrival of guests or a quick run to the grocery across the street.

Womens loungewear is essentially house-clothes but are smart enough to be worn outside.

Then, how do we define sleepwear?

Sleepwear, however, is designed essentially to have a peaceful night sleep, comfortable and warm. They are usually found in trouser-style drawstring bottoms and blousy shirts that fit generously. They are made in comfy materials like flannel and fleece and are made available in bright colours and vibrant prints to look amazing.

A few tips to style loungewear when you need to rush out

Pair blazers with your sweats: A pair of sweats (full length or short) looks super chic when worn with an oversized blazer. Opt for nude or neutral colours to have a sophisticated look. If you are planning to wear full-length knitted joggers, wear kitten heels or stilettos with it. If going for sweat shorts, wear a pair of sneakers and a cross-body sling.

Wear a gold, chunky over a tee, tank top or sweatshirt: Throw a chunky necklace on a plain, solid coloured tank top or tee and see how instantly you can glam up your plain sweats.

Go for a knitted loungewear set: This could be the ultimate matching sets, giving you an upscale look, instantly. You can either go for a ribbed-knit pants set, or a shorts set, and minimal jewellery.

Wear similar creamy hued top and bottom wear: There’s nothing more elegant than pastel shades or cream shades. You can play up the textures and go for two different textures for the sweatshirt and pants.

To round off the debate, loungewear is both for indoors and outdoors, day and night, while sleepwear is usually limited during the sleep only. Whatever it may be, just be confident being in anything that you find comfortable to be in. Check out the collection of Belle Love for the awesome Trendy loungewear.

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