How to discover and manage the ideas for Youtube videos?

Youtube videos

You need good ideas and plenty of them if you want to be a successful YouTuber. Most full-time creators post at least one video a week. And if you are not consistently posting good quality content about topics that people are actually interested in, then you are going to struggle to get views on those videos. One of the most common questions that we get as YouTubers is do we ever run out of videos or ideas for Youtube videos or do we ever struggle to know what to create?

And honestly, the answer is no, not really. So, today we will be sharing the process for coming up with so many ideas for Youtube videos and how you can figure out whether or not they’re good video ideas, and also how we keep all those ideas organized?

Given below are the number of steps involved that would be beneficial for discovering and managing with the ideas for Youtube videos:

Youtube videos
  1. First things first, you need to write down every single video idea that you come up with, whether it’s good or not. We would really recommend that you use some sort of a digital way of writing down your ideas.

2. The next step is keyword research. There’s a lot of ways you can do this, but you can start by just searching on YouTube. So, in order to do keyword research, you’re going to have to know basically what your channel is about. What topics are you trying to cover on your channel? And then you can start searching for those keywords as well as related keywords.

3. Now, let’s talk about competitor research. As you do this keyword research, you’re going to see all these other channels that are making videos similar to these video ideas that you’re starting to come up with. And so then you can just open these channels in new tabs and take a look at what each of them is creating.

4. Now, some of you may have just created one video that is similar to something you’re thinking about making. Their channel might be about a completely different topic. But what we really want to do is find a few channels that are kind of your ideal of what you’re trying to create, a model channel that you can base some of your programmings, and that just means your choices of what videos you create, just like TV programming, not like computer programming.

Second, you could use something called the skyscraper strategy. So, basically how this works is you see one video that’s doing well and you figure out a video that you can make that would be even bigger, even better, even taller than that video. So for example, say that you saw that people were posting five ways to make money online. Well, you could make a video that is five more ways to make money online, or 10 ways to make money online or something like that. Or if you saw that a video about five minimalist rules did really well.

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Well then maybe you could make a video about 10 minimalist rules, or maybe that’s counterproductive, because maybe the minimalist one fewer rules, but either way I think you get the point. You can make a video that’s bigger and better and then you can get into the suggested for that video. Now we need to do this, you’ll want to make sure that you use all of these are same target keywords. All in all, you can use this skyscraper strategy to get video ideas for videos that would perform well.

Take Away

We know that finding ideas for Youtube videos for your channel can seem like a big challenge, especially if you’re starting with just a few ideas but we promise that it really can be quite easy. And the more ideas you find, the more that ball will start rolling, and you will definitely get valuable assistance by implementing the points quoted above about ideas for Youtube videos. And all these ideas applied by you in a systematic manner then very soon you will see great results.

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