How to Divide or Split CSV File into Multiple Files on Mac OS with Header?

Split CSV into Multiple files Mac with Header
Split CSV File

CSV — Comma Separated Values file — a frequently used file format to store a list of information separated with a comma. Most of the contact lists and databases are stored in *.csv format. A countable number of CSV files are simply plain text with information along with a header part. The CSV files are often used to transfer large data from one application to another with ease.

Also, CSV files might contain a large amount of data and many users are searching for a solution to split CSV into multiple files Mac with header.


Hi, I recently received a CSV file holding almost 200000 records. I want to split the file into smaller parts with almost 10000 records in them. It also has a header block, please suggest a solution to split CSV files by keeping the header part.”

Like the query mentioned above, we all have encountered such issues and searched for an online simple method. However, applying an online approach is definitely not a suitable measure to take. Thus, learn the best possible method for the same from here and get away with the solution.

Split CSV File into Multiple Files Mac with Header — Formost Application

If you want to split a CSV file with a large amount of data in it by keeping the header block, then CSV Splitter for Mac is the tool for you. The software following an algorithm that is keen to maintain the originality of the data file. Either add single or multiple *.csv files or go with the Add folder option to upload the complete folder with CSV files.

Split CSV into multiple files Mac with header using 3 simple processes. The tool possesses simple and user-friendly software interface which offers service to all user including computer novice. You can include the header block in each of the splitter CSV files.

The toolkit comes with two different versions Pro and Trial Version. Split the first 25 rows in the CSV contact file using the trial/demo version. Both the versions – Demo and Professional – comes with all the features except the file number limitation in the Demo version. Active the Professional version by upgrading the application with the license key. Using the advanced CSV splitter tool divide large CSV files into multiple files without any restriction.

Steps to Operate Tool – Split CSV File on Mac

Following are the procedure to use the tool. This guide renders splitting CSV files in the simplest and trouble-free in only a few steps, without any setbacks or glitches.

Here are the following steps to follow: –

Launch CSV Splitter for Mac OS.

  • Start adding *.csv files to the software interface using Add File or Add Folder.
  • The tool provides two checkboxes as shown in the image. Enable both the boxes to split CSV into multiple files mac with header.
Split CSV into Multiple files Mac with Header
  • In the No. of row per split file enter the desired number to split the CSV files between Mac.
  • Finally hit the Split button to initiate the process.

That’s it.

Reasons to Split CSV File According to Excel

The .csv files can be opened using a Microsoft Excel sheet. Although having a spreadsheet with a limit of 1048576 rows in Excel is appealing. But what if the data is more than. Due to which Excel with notifying with a message “File not Loaded completely”. Here is some other reason why you should split the CSV file.

  • The key concern is the enormous size of CSV files;
  • Therefore, spreadsheets can take up all your local storage.
  • Due to the file’s excessive size, an error will occur while accessing the Spreadsheet.
  • A spreadsheet of this size cannot be emailed.
  • You will run into the risk of losing your results if you use an oversized spreadsheet.

To Summarize

In conclusion, all you have to do is to take a smart and concise approach to make your CSV file lighter. In this article, I’ve recommended a toolkit that will quickly split CSV into multiple files Mac with header block. Within no time complete the process to divide large CSV files and create .csv with the desired number of rows. The resultant file will be accurate with a lesser number of rows as per the user’s command.

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