How to Fix a Leakage Pipe Until the Plumber Comes

Leakage Pipe

A Leakage Pipe can cause a lot of trouble, especially if you notice it in the middle of the night. Although you will find a lot of commercial plumbing contractors who are ready to come at night, in the meantime you have to find out it temporary solution. You need to look for a pro tem way to control the water which is spraying everywhere. 

Leakage Pipe

It is essential to fix the Leaky pipe on time because it can cause serious damage to your home. As excess leakage can cause mold growth and rotten wood, you should consider some easy and temporary ways to pipeline maintenance.

Here are listed some non-permanent yet effective steps that you can follow to reduce the damage to a minimal until the professional plumber reaches your place.   

Stop the Flow of Water

The best thing you can do on your own is to patch the Leaky pipe. But before that, you must stop the flow of water. If you face difficulty in searching the water supply valve for the damaged pipe, close the main shut off valve of your home. In this way, you won’t be able to use other taps, but you can circumvent further damage.  

Dry the pipes before applying a patch

Ensure that the surface needs to be dry before you apply the patch to it. It will not stick well if the surface is wet. You can take the help of a clean cloth to dry the wet surface well. Apart from drying the pipes, wipe the cabinets, taps, and other fixtures. This way, you can avoid further damage and prepare the room for the plumber who will visit for the repair work.

Making use of Epoxy

You can also make use of a strong glue named Epoxy to stop the leakage on a temporary basis. Even professional plumbers also have epoxy with them. So, if you don’t have a pipe wrap with you, using epoxy can be a great idea. Once you have wiped the area on and around the leaky pipe, mix the two-part epoxy well and put it to the damaged area.

Make use of professional plumbing tape on Leakage Pipe

Plumbing tips can be highly effective in controlling the leaks which are at the joint of two pipes. It is made up of strong silicon material which can give strong temporary support. But make sure that cute turn off the water and dry the pipes so that the tape sticks well. So, if you have already called a plumber and you only want to stop the leakage for a week, repair tape can be a good friend.

Patch the Leaky Pipe with Pipe Clamps

If you don’t have professional plumbing tape for epoxy with you, pipe clamps can be a good option. It will also hold the leak until the expert plumber reaches your home. You can also ask the professional plumber to go for pipeline maintenance to avoid frequent leakage.

Calling professional plumbing services is essential for emergency repair. You should look for these temporary options to control the Leakage Pipe for some time. This is possible only if you have a proper plumbing repair kit with you. Though you are not a professional, keeping pipe clamps, epoxy, and plumbing tapes is vital. Look for commercial plumbing contractors in case you are not able to resolve the problem on your own.

Do some research on your behalf to find out professional plumbers who are ready to fix Leaky pipe in an emergency. Calling an amateur plumber can deteriorate the condition, causing severe damage to your house.

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