How To Fix Some Microwave Problems At Home

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Fix Some Microwave Problems

Microwave ovens play an important role in the kitchen by helping us in cooking and baking. It can be also used for warming the leftover period instantly.

There are many uses of otg oven and microwave for which we rely on it. Microwave ovens offer convenient cooking and are an essential part of the smart kitchen Appliances list. However, failure of functioning of it may create a lot of problems.

Before knowing the common problems of microwaves, it is important to clear the difference between ovens and microwaves. Conventional ovens like otg oven use heating coils elements (metal elements), an electric current, or wood as the source of heat, while microwaves use electromagnetic radiation to heat or cook food.

Furthermore, in microwaves electromagnetic radiations provide heat to the food only, hence the entire space inside the microwave remains at normal temperature, while conventional ovens use fans to spread and distribute the heat evenly, resulting in heating the entire chamber.

We have listed the most common problems that occur in common ovens and microwave ovens, and how they can be identified and rectified, as a part of the microwave oven buying guide.

Microwave heating Problem

To generate the heat microwave ovens, use two technologies, namely, Diode and Magnetron. Even heating is provided by these in the form of microwaves that helps to cook the food. Therefore, logically speaking, if the microwave is failing to generate the heat there might be a problem with either the diode or the Magnetron.

Diode might be either burnt out or gone bad. The solution to this is to get the oven checked and get them replaced it with a new one if these items have a problem. This will resolve the issue and enable the working of the Microwave.

Microwave Door Problems

It is risky of using an oven without shutting its doors properly. You can fix it by following these useful steps.

1. If it is a gas model, then turn off the gas flow from switching off the regulator.

2. Unscrew hinges and dismantle the door from the oven to find the problem.

3. Replaces the hinges if it’s broken.

4. Once that is done, check the door springs are broken or not by sliding out of the bottom drawer.

microwave shutting off in the middle of a function

Microwaves may stop functioning in the middle while your food getting cooked in the microwave. This can be probably caused by a switchboard problem into which you have plugged in your microwave.

Or there may be a problem with the wiring connection causing the fuse to trip due to heating up. Voltage fluctuation can also cause this problem when a high level of current flowing in the switchboard.

To resolve this issue, ensure that your appliance is not in a cramped corner. It is advisable to keep it in a ventilated area to ensure enough breathing space.

This allows the oven to ventilate itself and faster cooling. But if the problem doesn’t get resolved, then you can just switch it off, wait and then start the process again.

If the microwave plate doesn’t spin

A damaged plate beneath can stop the spinning of the microwave plate. In this case, you need to rectify that the problem by knowing a motor is driving the plates. And if there is a problem with the motor, and not be working as intended. The motor needs to be either repaired or replaced by an electrician.

However, if the issue isn’t resolved even after doing so, then check the switchboard checked as it may not be passing electricity as required, and this may affect the driving of the motor.

Sparking inside the microwave oven

Loose nuts, bolts, or screws falling inside the cabinet can cause sparking. Paint peeling or metal part contact with microwaves can also be the reason behind sparking.

In this condition, it is advisable to thoroughly check inside the walls and consult a professional service center to get everything in place.

You can also check if there is a problem with the diode and has burnt out and take a closer look to check if the microwave has gone off-balance to cause sparking.

No light inside the microwave

While placing food inside the oven, if you notice that the light hasn’t turned on after opening the microwave door, then it may be due to a fused bulb. You will need to replace the bulb to resolve this issue.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, then you need to check your switchboard, and also get the microwave checked for bad wiring problems. Improper electrical supply may stop the power from reaching the bulb.

Hope these tips will help to resolve problems that often appear in the microwave. Don’t hesitate to check for the problem but it is advisable to get it to repair by a professional only if you are failing to mark the problem.

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