How To Improve Your Google Search Visibility – 5 Tips To Follow

Search Visibility

Search visibility is like fuel to any website and If there is no search visibility, that means there will be no traffic. And consequently, there will be no monetization profit, no direct sales. So we can say that visibility is directly linked with the revenue growth of the website. That is why it is always recommended to improve your Google search visibility.

There can be many ways to do it but before adding any surplus SEO techniques or tricks you will have to keep an eye on the basic but effective parameters. So here we are with these five amazing tips to improve your Google search visibility. Some of these tips will be already added to your SEO packages, while some will be new to you. So try to add all these tips to your SEO package to improve the Google search visibility of websites. These all are very simple to follow SEO tips that can bring massive results.

 #1. Boost The Page Load Speed

The first thing that you have to do is to improve the page loading speed. Most of you may think that what page load speed has to do with the search engine optimization. But it is very important. If your website is not loading within 3 to 5 seconds. Then you are losing potential organic traffic coming from search engines.

 How To Do?

To improve your Google search visibility you will need to improve the speed. And to improve the page load speed, you need to use compressed files such as images, videos and GIFs.  

 #2. List Your Site On Google My Business

If you are a business then you must be listed on Google My Business online directory. This directory is useful to get more customers. If you think that people search for your business niche online, then you can improve your Google search visibility by just listing your business website on Google My Business.


You can provide so many details in your Google My Business listing. Details such as contact information, web address, opening hours, price range, etc. can be included.

 #3. Pay Attention To Analytics

If you are not paying attention to the website analytics then it will be a hard thing to improve your Google search visibility. So you must keep a close eye on your website analytics and try to improve the website structure, content, optimization as per the analytics reports. Many website analytical tools are available out there for webmasters. You can use one according to your skills, knowledge, and requirement.

 Tools To Use:

Most of the website hosting services have their inbuilt tools. But to take analytics to the next level you need to use some advanced tools. Following are the basic two options for you.

 ●     Google Analytics

●     Third-Party Tools

#4. Make Use Of Google Search Console

Have you ever used the Google search console? Do you know that you can use this tool to improve your Google search visibility? If you don’t know what you can do with the Google search console. Then you must hire an SEO analyst to help you out there about it.

You can submit your sitemap to Google with the help of Google Search Console. Also, you can check your website for server errors, technical issues that Google’s search crawlers face, etc. All these activities will improve your Google search visibility.

 #5. Evergreen Tip: Optimize The Site

The last tip is about the basics of SEO. This is important to know that optimizing your website at all three levels is important. If you are not optimizing your website at one of these, then you won’t be able to get more traffic to your website.

 3 Levels Of Optimization:

Following are the three types of SEO that every website will require to improve the website traffic on Google search engine result pages (SERPs), following are these three levels of SEO.

 Technical SEO

Technical search engine optimization is very important to improve your Google search visibility and you must hire someone expert in technical SEO.

 On-page SEO

It is also necessary to optimize your on-page content. Use keywords in your content, use optimized URLs, Titles, etc.

Off-page SEO

Your website’s structure, sitemap and other off-page content should be optimized also. Because it will help you improve your Google search visibility.

There can be many ways to optimize your website and improve SEO health and there is no end to it. But if you want to improve your SEO score with significant changes. Then these above mentioned five tips are necessary to apply. The first thing is to pay attention to your page load speed. Also, you have to use Google tools like Google Analytics, Google search console, Google my business, etc. All these tools will help you optimize the website and improve your Google search visibility.

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