How To Make Chocolate And Teddy Day Extra Special?

Chocolate And Teddy Daay

Valentine’s day is just going to approach soon and you need to do something about that, well you must be having something in mind? Well, you don’t then you can always order flowers online

The Valentine week begins from the 7th of February and is said to end, as we all know, on the 14th of February. During these days we have many other days, the first day of the valentines week is the “rose day” and then there is the “propose day” after that, we witness the “the chocolate day”, “teddy day”, “promise day”, “hug day”, k” kiss day” and the day that everyone remembers s the most which are the valentines day. 

The whole week talks of love and so should you be as well. It is alright if you are not in a relationship, the best part is that this day you should just love everyone, love yourself as well. You deserve your love more than anyone. 

If are just looking for a way to surprise your loved one this year then there is a list below which will just help you with all it can and you have some amazing ideas about what you should do this year: 


It is said that the cakes are the stars of every occasion so why not surprise your loved one with the cake in the shape of a teddy bear, they are available in many shapes and sizes so you can always go for a cake in the shape of a teddy bear and just remind them that you really do love them and cherish them a lot. They will really be happy to know about the gift you got for them and everyone loves chocolates and teddy bears so this just becomes the perfect gift for them as well. 


You can always get them teddy or if you feel generous you can go for a giant teddy and just tell them that you really do love them, they will just be happy after receiving the teddy bear from you they will just be happy and will enjoy the night’s sleep cuddling it. When we talk about teddy bears we all had one when we were kids and let’s just say the teddy used to have a name as well so why not remind them that they can always unleash their inner child with this one. 


This time we are not talking about a flower bouquet, this time you can surprise them with a bouquet of chocolates and the teddy bears, they will just be beautiful and they are going to love it. Chocolates compiled together to make a bouquet and the same is with the teddy bears as well. Which are combined together to make a beautiful bouquet? These are bound to make them smile and happy. You can always go for that, they really will be awestruck after seeing it. 


Approach your florists and ask them to make a teddy with flowers, this will just leave your significant other awestruck, you can send flowers to Gurgaon, all you have to do is just choose the flowers, the best flowers for making a teddy is with roses and you can choose the color on your own, the color that is best for the couples is the red rose, you can always go for the red rose and just surprise your significant other with that, they will really be happy and will just enjoy what you are getting them. 


Teddy with chocolates 

You can always go for a teddy bear with the chocolates and just remind your significant other how much you love and adore them, teddys are just the all time favourites and this is one combo that they just won’t be able to refuse. 

Teddy with a cake

You can go for a teddy bear with a cake as well. Just opt for a chocolate cake and just get it delivered or just take it to their house, they will really be happy to see that and will love how you are getting it to them. 

There is a lot more to this day and if you don’t have anyone to celebrate it with you can always pamper yourself with the chocolates and the teddy bears, or maybe just gift one to your siblings, they will just be happy and surprised to receive a teddy bear and a chocolate from you or maybe you can just get a box of chocolates and just distribute it to the children in slum as a little kindness never hurts. Make this day special for you as well as your significant other and everyone around you. 

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