How to Pair Face Masks With Halloween Costumes in 2021?

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Looking at the growth of coronavirus cases across the world, we are certain that Halloween 2021 would be very similar to Halloween 2020- with masks and social distancing. But there is nothing to worry about- as face masks easily get matched with almost all types of Halloween costumes- be it mens Halloween costumes or the womens Halloween costumes.

In this piece, we have enlisted some ideas on how to pair face masks with Halloween costumes in 2021. We have also ensured that all the ideas are affordable and easily carried by everyone. Let’s take a look.

A. Surgical Mask Costume Ideas

Health workers, including doctors, nurses, surgeons, ambulance drivers, lab technicians, pharmaceutical employees, and others who have helped us in this pandemic, are indeed corona warriors. So, if these health workers are your heroes or the inspiration for Halloween 2021, surgical masks will be the perfect option to match along with their Halloween costumes.

You can carry these surgical masks with any of these costumes- from the dentist, nurse to lab technicians. The good thing is, even if you have bought family Halloween costumes- these masks will suit everyone.

B. Scary clown Mask Costume Ideas

The good thing about face masks is- you can print any design on these masks. For example, if you are planning to wear cat costumes, you can turn this into a cat mask by printing a related design on it, or if you are planning dog costumes, you can certainly turn this into a dog mask too by printing-related design. In the same way, you can turn this into a scary clown mask by printing a creepy clown face on it.

The scary mask can be incorporated with a number of Halloween costumes such as clown, joker, skeleton, etc. All you have to do is put a blood-thirsty teeth design on the mask. Besides, most of these masks are one size- means it can be worn by anyone in the family- from children, teens to adults. We are sure that these masks will play the same role in scaring people as the creepy Halloween costumes.

C. Superhero Mask Costume Ideas

We certainly need superheroes the most in this corona period- which can save us from this deadly pandemic. Don’t we? But why not be one? Superheroes Halloween costumes are popular and always in demand. Be it during the 1960s or in 2021. From kids to adults, everyone loves superheroes and has their favorite superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, etc. 

Masks with superheroes Halloween costumes will not only save you from coronavirus but will also help you complete the look. Because, as you know, most of these superheroes wear masks to hide their identities. Therefore, these face masks will not only complement the look but also save you from the virus.

D. Zombie Mask Costume Ideas

Indeed, Halloween is a scary festival. So expecting any parties without zombies or skeletons is stupidity. Zombie Halloween costumes are hugely popular and always in demand during the Halloween season. It is one of the scariest outfits. The good thing about zombie outfits is there is no specific costume for this role play. Almost all the regular outfits can be used for zombie role play. All you have to do is paint them with blood paint, prosthetics, or greasepaint.

Along with the prosthetic and greasepaint, you can also use the zombie mask to add an edge to this look. The masks with spiky, blood-soaked teeth design will be good enough to complete your zombie look.

E. Animal Mask Costume Ideas

If you are a doggo person or cat lover- you can certainly flaunt the animal masks, too, i.e., dog masks or cat masks. Along with dog or cat Halloween costumes, you can try these masks to enhance your overall look. The good thing about animal outfits is- it suits well with people of all ages- from kids to adults.

If you are going to wear doggo Halloween costumes, we recommend a brown mask with a doggo face. We would suggest a black or white mask with a cat design with the cat costumes. Make sure you don’t add too much design or graphics to the mask. Keep it simple and sleek.

F. Joker Mask Costume Ideas

Just like clowns and zombies, it is difficult to find any Halloween parties without Jokers. Jokers are an integral part of Halloween festivals. In every Halloween party at every corner of the world, you would definitely find some or a few jokers. You don’t have to follow any particular things about the Joker masks because it will go along well with almost all the Joker Halloween costumes.

All you have to take care of is choosing matching wigs that complement your Joker look along with a scary laugh!

We hope this article will help you find your favorite mask costume idea. However, don’t forget to maintain proper social distancing and follow every rule at the Halloween party.

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