How To Recover Accidentally Deleted Files from Flash Drive

Recover Accidentally Deleted Files

Summary – We will discuss the most prominent solution so that the user can get the solution for how to recover accidentally deleted files from flash drive. All the steps with pictorial demonstrations have been shown in this blog. You will get a profitable deal that will benefit you to recover your deleted files from flash drive.

Being human we all make mistakes. One of them is accidentally deleted the important files from a flash drive and you are not even aware of it. This should not let affect your work and life. So, is there any solution for it? Yes, SysTools Pen Drive Recovery is a direct solution to deal with such a situation.

Let’s check out one of the user’s scenario

User Query: “My name is Jones. I was deleting unnecessary files from the pen drive. I have this habit of deleting files using Shift+Delete and accidentally I deleted a very important file of my client which I need right now to pursue my deal with him. I am in a panic situation and don’t know what I should do. Please suggest some solution that is reliable and safe. Thanks in Advance.”

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In these cases, the user only seeks an assured solution. For that, we suggest you execute SysTools USB Drive Recovery Software. It will serve its purpose effortlessly.

Fabulous Features of Flash Drive Recovery Utility

These features are the roots that strengthen its working and delivery of remarkable results.

  • Recover all the Hard and Permanently deleted data from the flash drive
  • User-friendly self-explanatory interface
  • Advanced filter base search for specific items
  • Display preview of all data items of the flash drive with its attributes
  • Highlight all the deleted data in Red color for easy recognization
  • Supports all brands flash drive with all sizes
  • Compatible with all the Windows Versions
  • Tool highlighted shift deleted ( permanently deleted) data in the software panel
  • Completely safe and secure (all the data is saved to user own device only)
  • Save all the resultant files on the desired location

Grab the Free Version- You can put hands on the free version to experience the recovery of deleted data from a flash drive. After your satisfaction with recovery tool functionality, get Authorized Version for unlimited access.


For the query how to recover accidentally deleted files from flash drive, we are going to show simple four steps to recover those deleted files. Here are the steps to practically execute.

  • Download and Install the Instant Flash Drive Recovery. Click on Refresh View, it will display all the newly attached Pen Drive/ Memory Card.
  • Select one of the scan modes. Scan – Choose Scan for deleted and corrupted files and data recovery. Formatted Scan – Choose a formatted scan when you want to recover data of formatted pen drive or memory card.
  • Once the scan is completed you would see all recovered files. Here you can checkbox to select particular files or select the root folder from the left panel and click on the Save button in the menu bar.
  • After the selection of desired files and folders, you would need to select the destination location to save recovered files. You can save anywhere in the system or can make a new folder as shown below.

Once the Pen Drive Recovery complete, a confirmation message will pop up on the screen.

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Accidentally deleting important files is a blunder that can harm our professional life. Users want to know that how to recover accidentally deleted files from flash drive. We discussed the assured method that will recover and deliver all the hard and permanent deleted files on your desktop within a few clicks. After getting this tool in your hand you won’t have to worry about such a situation again.

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