How to Repair Corrupt SQL Server Database? An Effective Approach

SQL Server Database
Repair Corrupt SQL Server Database

Data corruption is the most common trouble for the SQL Server administrator, which often takes place due to many known and unknown reasons. In general, when corruption occurs the database becomes inaccessible and users cannot make any changes to it. However, to prevent the data from corruption, we need to know the possible causes behind the corruption.
In the upcoming segment of this blog, we will know the root causes of database corruption and how to recover/restore corrupted SQL database using the best and reliable approach.

Reasons Behind Corrupted SQL Server Database

There are so many factors that are responsible for the corrupt database. All the main factors are listed below, have a look at them and prevent your database from further damage.

  • All the SQL data are stored in the database files known as MDF and NDF. If these files are placed in a compressed folder, then the chances of corruption are more.
  • If there is any corruption issue in storage media where these data files are stored.
  • Any wanted modification or alteration in the SQL Server account.
  • Accidental data deletion from data files.
  • If the database is in use and there is a network issue in between, it also leads to corruption.
  • Other reasons for corruption are virus & malware infection, Defected disk drivers, hard disk failure, abrupt system shutdown, and sudden power failure.

These are the main reasons behind the corrupt database now, Read on to know the solutions to restore corrupted SQL database.

One-Stop Solution to Repair Corrupt SQL Server Database

SQL Recovery Tool is the best program to deal with all kinds of SQL database corruption issues effectively. The software is programmed in such a way that it can fix all the minor and major corruption issues from MDF (primary database file) and NDF (secondary database file) with high accuracy. Even more than that, the tool recovers the deleted data item (tables, table records, views, stored procedures, functions, triggers, and so on) without making any changes to the original content. The tool can easily restore all SQL database components including tables, Indexes, Functions, Views, Rules, Triggers, Stored Procedures, and so on. Adding to that, it even provides complete support to repair database files created in any version of SQL Server such as SQL Server 2019, 2017, or without any file size limitation.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to repair and restore the corrupted SQL database:

To start the procedure download and install this advanced tool in your system.
Step 1: Start the software and click the Open button to select the database file which you want to repair.

Repair Corrupt SQL MDF File
Step 2. Now the tool provides two scan mode which you can choose as per the severity of corruption in the database file –
Quick scan – For minor corruption.
Advanced scan – For the severe corruption. Using this scan mode you can also recover the deleted database items.

scan mode to Repair Corrupt SQL MDF File
Step 3. After the scanning process completes, the software displays all the recovered database objects for preview before saving.

Preview data
Step 4 Click on the Export option and choose the appropriate Export options as per requirements.

export options
Step 5. If you choose the SQL Server Database option then provide the details for authentication.

Repair Corrupt SQL Server Database
Step 6. Now choose the database items you want to save and in the end press Export button.

Repair Corrupt SQL MDF File

7 Awesome Benefits of using this application

• Repair Corrupted damaged, inaccessible, or broken MDF and NDF files of any version of SQL Server.
• Fix all issues in tables, table records, rules, triggers, stored procedures, views, functions, indexes of SQL database.
• Restore all deleted data items from the MDF & NDF files without losing a bit of data.
• Preview all the deleted items of MDF and NDF files in red color.
• Enable users to export recovered database components into live SQL Server Database, CSV file, or as SQL Scripts.
• The tool offers a simple and easy Graphical User Interface to its users.

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Final Say

In this blog, we have discussed how databases get corrupted and effective solutions to restore corrupted SQL database. no matter how severe the corruption is, using the tool we have suggested above you can easily all the issues for the SQL database. For the prior evaluation, you can simply download the free version of the tool and check the working of it.

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