How To Solve The Previous Year’s Papers?

Previous Year's Papers

Question papers give a deep insight into your rehearsal of exams. What you have studied and grasped till now will be reflected in attempting the turmoiled trial papers. 

Solving previous year question papers can give a person A thrilling feels while for person B it can help boost confidence. Well, it depends upon the preparation you have done for the coming exams. Be it board exams or formative and summative assessments, solving the last year’s question papers can help you a lot. 

Be it your homework help while solving mock tests, or any other research. Study help me so surely you are not going to scream. 

Well, here we need to hop into the aspects of unraveling last year’s question paper.

Benefits of solving the prior year’s questions. 

  1. Practicing the papers will introduce you to the exam pattern the board or the subject follows every year. There might be changes according to any new formulation but overall no major changes are made. 
  1. An individual will get to know the time duration he will be consuming to finish off a particular section. There may be a long answer section and others, solving papers will help you figure the interval out, that’s how homework answers should be written.
  1. While attempting a section a student will familiarise himself with the important topics that come frequently in an exam and what topics are less important. This goes through will be beneficial for planning more to refine the practice. 
  1. Evaluating your preparation is highly essential before you sit in the hall. So previous year’s question papers help you to determine the strength and weaknesses of the strategies you are following. They assist you to alter the various methodology if required. 

Way of solving the previous year question papers 

  1. Don’t go beyond the number of years suggested 

There are some exams for example CTET that doesn’t change their pattern frequently. But there are exams whose pattern changes slightly over years. So while starting your certain solutions

ask a mentor after how many years the questions repeat themselves in a question paper. Bear the type of a topic and its concepts remain the same. 

  1. Set a Time Interval 

Solve your question paper just like you will do in the exam hall. If you will take four hours instead of three while attempting the same type of subject paper it is of no use. So to minimize the consumption of additional time, a schedule according to the duration will be given in the main exam. 

  1. Analysis of task complete 

When you are done with a set, analyze what you have done wrong and what has gone right. After a deep inspection of the practice paper, you will be able to find out the concepts and aspects you have to work upon. The grip you have over some matters will stimulate your confidence 

  1. Review after a major accomplishment 

When you are done with the mock tests of a particular subject then revisit the whole syllabi and examine your understanding of the course. In case you think you need to infer the concept again, take your notes out and revise. 

  1. Solve relevant question papers 

If you are appearing in the exam of the year next year don’t go for 20 years before. It is a long duration and the exam structure get changes within years. So choose according to the prescribed syllabus and suggested chapters. 

  1. Manage the speed and bring accuracy 

You would be having 24-25 questions to finish with 2 or 3 hours. Remember, you can’t be wrong and you can’t be unfinished. So, manage your time therefore and answer the problems with precision. You’re running out of time and being incorrect can cost you losing the marks. 

  1. Explore the consequences 

Spend moments thinking about the worst that can happen while sitting in the exam hall. It would be your homework help or solutions, always remember the thing ‘study help me’. Explore the solutions to the problems.

So, finally, that was all your tips and tricks to grab the approaches of solving the previous year’s question papers. If a student masters himself in solving last year’s papers it would be easier for him to manage the time and complete its exactitude. 

That’s why go-ahead and beat your answer sheets with fabulous responses to the toughest questions that are going to arrive in the exam paper. 

Be fabulous, stop panicking and do your best.

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