How to Upload PST File to Office 365 Account? Everything You Need to Know

This informative guide talks about the different approaches to answer the user query i.e. “how to import PST file into Office 365 webmail” Have a look into the comprehensive guide to performing this technical approach in the easiest way possible with data security.

However, before getting ourselves to the solution part, let’s discuss the need to perform this operation in Office 365.

What is the Need for Importing PST Files to Office 365 Webmail?

  • It saves lots infrastructure and maintenance cost by performing On-premises PST migration to Office 365
  • Also provides extra mailbox storage space though offering mailboxes archiving.
  • Users can store entire email mailbox in a centralized way of an organization by uploading the PST files to Office 365 account.
  • This also provides a better way for searching any information through the mailbox as it also offers Microsoft eDiscovery tools to search for data in mailboxes of Office 365.
  • By importing PST files to Office 365, users can easily impose retention policies to regulate how long mailbox data is retained in Office 365.

What are the Different Approaches to Import PST files to Microsoft Office 365?

There are three different ways to perform this task let’s discuss it in brief and then will provide you a reliable solution for it.

1. Network Upload: This approach can be used by Office 365 admin, he will migrate PST files over the network and archive all the personal storage table files in Microsoft 365, using the O365 import services. However, there are various shortcomings to using this method.

Some of the Short Coming of using Network Upload to Import PST File into Office 365

  • This process of uploading PST files takes lot of time.
  • It is unable to apply various filter in the exporting process from PST to Office 365.
  • One should be technically sound to perform this technical operation Otherwise data loss can be faced by users.

2. Drive Shipping: In this method, the Office 365 admin needs to ship the PST data files with the encrypted hard drive to Microsoft. And Microsoft takes care of all the technical processes that may take place behind this process. Unfortunately, this is not a reliable way to import PST file into Office 365 webmail here is why:

Drawbacks of using Drive Shipping Technique to Import PST to Office 365

  • This becomes very costly process to ship PST file hard drive to Microsoft as they charge 2$/GB which is practically very high.
  • Therefore it becomes a time consuming and laborious task.
  • This process can lead to data corruption and deletion if shipment goes wrong

3. Automated Way Using Reliable Software:

As it is quite evident from the above manual approaches that there is no direct or reliable solution offered by Microsoft to perform this operation without any hassle. Therefore we would suggest you the most trusted extensively used Office 365 Import Tool that would assist you in importing PST file to Office 365 webmail without any data loss.

Here are the 5 quick steps to perform this operation in the most secure way.

5 Quick Ways to Import PST into Office 365 Webmail:

Step 1. Download & Run the Tool

Step 2. Login with Office 365 Admin details

Step 3. Click on Add files/folders or Add CSV

Step 4. Browse the PST file from PC

Step 5. Choose Category and click Import

Let’s discuss the detailed steps for the same operation along with the screenshots.

Detailed Steps to Upload PST File to Office 365 Webmail Account:

Step 1. Download the above-mentioned software and run it on your computer. Now you will see the check box showing “is Office 365 Admin” select this check box and log in using the Office 365 admin account credentials.

Upload PST File to Office 365 Account

Step 2. In this step click on the Add File(s) button to upload PST files to Office 365 Account. After this browse the destination location on your computer where you have stored the PST file.

Upload PST File to Office 365 Account

Step 3. Add all the PST files from your local computer as shown in the screenshots. Then authenticate all the PST files by clicking the authenticate section to import PST file into Office 365 webmail.

Upload PST File to Office 365 Account

Step 4. In this step, you have to select the file categories from the given list i.e. emails, calendars, contacts, tasks. Apply the date filter if required as shown in the image. You can use the incremental import or exclude deleted, sent items using the smart options and click OK.

Upload PST File to Office 365 Account

Step 5. Now in the last step after ensuring the above steps are taken correctly, click on the import button. The software will start importing PST files into Office 365 webmail.

Upload PST File to Office 365 Account

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Wrapping Up

Users import PST files into Office 365 webmail as it has to offer various advantages like data availability, centralized data, and security, etc to the end-users of Office 365.

Therefore in order to make it an easy and simple approach we have described the modern, tried tested and reliable technique to import PST file into Office 365 webmail without any prior technical knowledge.

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