Hybrid Events: Introduction, Benefits and Some Inspirational Examples


If we combine a virtual event and a live event then their mix is known as a hybrid event. In order to give a fascinating online experience to the attendees of your event, you can use set pieces that are experiential and an exclusive content. Before the pandemic of Corona, this event hosting method was successful. If big companies wanted to take their key audiences and employees to be present at a meeting then they used to do this via a hybrid event. Now in the situation of pandemic when social distancing is so important for everyone, if you want to host an event then hybrid events are the best. Many organizations are shifting their focus towards this particular event. Now I will tell you their benefits of hybrid events and some inspirational examples.  

1. More attendees and increased reach – You can capture more attendees by increasing your reach in these events. It has been found that 96 % of people did not have any intention to go to a live event. The reason behind the less interest of the people is that they do not know the advantages of participating in it. Some of them were unable to travel to the event place because of geographical restrictions. This gives you a very good chance to invite the audience that takes less interest in the event. You can engage those audiences after capturing them. It has been found that in future events the physical attendance was increased and this was observed by the 23 % hosts of the hybrid event. The statistics of BizBash.com tells us this.

2. An increase in the engagement – A hybrid event can be successful and the ingredient that is most crucial for it is the engagement. Instead of just watching the event from a distant place the audience takes part in it through computer or mobile devices. It is possible that in real-time the audience gives comments to your content. In order to increase the engagement of your live events, add some virtual elements in these. It is possible that just with a button click the attendees can comment, share and like the content with the use of a computer or mobile phone. The host can set up a specified meeting area so that by making the use of an event matchmaking software the virtual delegates can meet online here so as to encourage the attendees’ engagement. Along with live streams and virtual events you can integrate social media by using a tool known as Taggbox. It is basically an engagement tool for virtual events. The overall experience can be delightful, social promotion can be done easily, audience engagement can be much better and a huge audience can access social media if we make the use of this tool.

3. Reduction in costs and environmental impact – If we travel less via buses or cars then less pollution will occur and it will have a good effect on the environment. At the time of the lockdowns, no vehicle was running on the road and less pollution occurred. During the pandemic a 6 % drop in the global emissions was recorded. So, if we host a hybrid event then we can benefit the environment because there is no need to go to the location of the event physically. Instead the meeting can be attended by using computer or mobile phone. 

4. Collection of data – You can collect the data easily if you attend a hybrid event. As an example, if there is a Q&A session at the event then you can estimate the number of participants who attended the meeting. What was the total strength of the meeting? How many of those were engaged? All this data can be given to the organizers of the hybrid event. It is also possible to obtain the data and information that are trackable as hybrid events occur online.   

5. Flexibility – Suppose in near future you will be unable to use any vehicle for traveling because of some problem other than this pandemic and you want to host an event, then a hybrid event is the right solution for this. The problem can be a volcanic eruption or any other natural disaster.

Some examples of hybrid events that happened successfully

Apple Special Events – From the world’s different countries, several delegates take part in these tech events and these events are so big. As people all over the world have access to the demonstrations, announcements and new releases, so Apple picked hybrid events.

Riot Games Esports Operations – For the purpose of broadcasting and networking in the Riot games, hybrid events were used.   

TwitchCon – It is basically a platform for live gaming that streams all over the world. Here the people can also participate virtually by making the use of hybrid events

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