Ice Packs- A Perfect Non-toxic Packaging Material for Cold Products


If you are looking for a packaging solution for your chilled packaging requirements, then you can always go for an ice pack packaging option. Why, for chilled or cold packaging, you need a material that is 100 percent leak-proof and non-toxic. And these packs have all the required features. These ice gel packs are the safe and ideal alternatives to the ice, offering highly improved shipping for all types of temperature-sensitive products.

Such packs will keep the product child for a long time period whiles sending them to different locations. Another best thing about them is, these packs can be reused, and you can also store foods into it. So, if you are looking for the best quality ice gel packs, you can check out the product options available at Stream Peak. The packs are FDA approved, durable, and superior in quality. They have the ability to offer your products with a cost-effective option for shipping the thermal susceptible products. However, to keep an eye on the current temperature, you should use the data Loggers.

You can go for without or with bubble options, and the packs come in different sizes. What’s more? Well, you can also go for a custom print option to be used the ice pack for the marketing purpose.

Some popular uses for ice gel packs

Not just a single industry; in fact, a number of industries have a need for high-quality ice gel packs. Some of them are:

Medical industry

Even though these packs can be used for a different thing, the medical industry is the most important user of this pack. The following places may use these packs to offer ice pack therapy:

  • Urgent care centers
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Surgery centers
  • Doctor’s office
  • Message centers
  • Birthing centers and more

Apart from these, health care practitioners, for example, homeopathic practitioners, acupuncturists, doulas, and others, can also use these packs. In short, any person or place that offers human body care will need an ice gel pack.

Home use purpose

The pack can be used at the house to store different types of products. For instance, you can use them to store ice cream, sausages, chocolates, seafood, and more. In general, you can get them with different temperatures, such as -5 degrees and -21 degreesCelsius. However, don’t forget to check out the data Loggers to read the temperature of the storage units.

Fitness industry

Just like the medical industry, these packs are also used by the fitness industry. The fitness industry may include:

  • Personal trainers
  • Wellness clinics
  • Crossfit and boot camps
  • Gym and fitness centers
  • Yoga studios and more

Food industry

For anyone that comes under the food industry, refrigeration is a crucial thing. Some types of foods, like dairy and raw meats, need to be stored at a certain level of temperature, or they will get damaged. On the other hand, melted ice is also like water and can ruin the foods. But ice gel packs are the perfect cooling agent for different cooling items. These are widely used by caterers, beverage vendors, restaurants, food transportation services, and more. If you are running one of such businesses and want to keep the food products safe for a long time, then use Stream Peak’s ice pack now.

Personal uses

These packs play a great role in at-home medical solutions. For example, you can use them for ankle sprains, sore joints, sore muscles, fevers, bruises, headaches, and more. Besides, ice gel packs are quite good for after-sports muscle recovery. What’s more? If you are going on a picnic, you can add ice gel packs to your cooler to keep the food cold and fresh.

How are the packs produced?

The ice gel packs are generally made from superior quality polyethylene, which is the most durable and safest plastic material available in the market. The packs are very thick and cannot be pierced so easily. While they are durable, they are also easy to clean. You can also reuse them, that in turn, helps you to save money.

So, to buy the best quality ice packs and data logger systems contact professionals only. All the products are available at the best prices.

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