Top Ways To Improve Your Facebook Lead Ads

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Improve Your Facebook Lead Ads

Lead generation lies at the core of business activities. In contemporary times social media has emerged as an important tool for that. Businesses be it small, medium, or large scale are leveraging the power of social media to their benefit. Social media marketing has emerged as a professionally offered service for the growth of the business. You can easily find businesses across the globe hiring social media marketing services to generate leads and boost revenue.

Amidst the popular social media platforms, Facebook has been the earliest one. Having been there since 2004 it carries a significant user base across geographies and age brackets. Thus, it acts as the best place for targeted marketing and lead generation. Activities that work for you on Facebook are Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are an effective way to promote and highlight your business and services. The more eyeballs you grab through this promotion the more chances of generating leads are there.

Therefore it’s important to make the ads well and attractive. If you have been doing so and still not getting results then the rest of our discussion suits your needs. Now, we are going to discuss some of the tried and tested effective ways to improve the Facebook Ads to help you generate more leads.

Keep Things Short

It’s true that you want to say too much through your ad but it should not be always through texts. When it comes to ads for lead generation you should not fill in too much content and try and convey things in a simple yet attractive manner. Use a creative banner with some keywords that relate to your business. The idea should be to convey the message through graphics. Further, the graphics and pictures have good power to attract attention and the textual part should be just in a limited manner.  Keep the focus on the placement of CTA (Call to action button) as that is the place from where leads would come.

Trigger With Offers

Offers and discounts are bound to attract viewers. This has been a rule of thumb that works well in offline marketing as well. A study by Neon Ambition on over 1,000 Facebook lead ads showed that the one with the offer performed better over 65% of the time than the ones without it. So, you must add some kind of an offer to drive the viewer to click on the ad.

Videos Are Key

This is an era of short video marketing, From TikTok to Instagram reels, there are tons of such apps. However, they are not good for all kinds of businesses. That’s why Facebook offers you the feature of a video ad. Facebook allows you the feature to define and separate the audience you want to engage with out of the total number of people who watched the advertisement. Like for example, there is an option to see those who watched the ad for 3 seconds, more than 3 seconds, 15 seconds or more, etc. Through this data, you can get high-quality leads with more rate of conversion.

Track The Comments

Tracking the comments on your Facebook Ad is very important. Many users who are not that tech-savvy treat it as a normal post and comment their queries below it. You should respond to such comments and track which comment has the highest possibility of being a potential lead. This way you can create a good engagement on your ad while building space for getting good leads.

Integrate Leads To Funnel

The Facebook Ad campaigns generate a good amount of leads when done right. However, still businesses miss the trick when they fail to manage those leads. Thus, it is important to integrate those leads into your funnel. Integrate your CRM and marketing automation systems with Facebook leads so that they can be effectively tracked and saved. Track and follow up those leads and you would drive results as desired.

Read Responses

The response your Facebook Ad receives is a very important indicator for future action. You must investigate the audience base, geography, and other related factors that come after running an ad. Say for example if you were running the ad for a target audience of age 15 to 35 then the response from which state, region is more shall be tracked. This gives you a highly targeted route to the most potential lead out of which you can surely get the conversion. Thus reading the campaign’s response is very important.


Social media marketing for lead generation is the need of the hour. Facebook as we discussed here is a really cool tool for that. If you can put to practice all tips that we listed here then results are bound to come. Hope you like the tips shared here, till the next time we meet don’t forget to write to us about which topic you want a write-up from us.

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