Is It Smart To Have My App Made By A Developer Abroad?

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Developer Abroad

Are you planning to have an app made? To save costs, you might consider outsourcing the development to a developer abroad. But is this a smart idea? Or is it better to have the app made by a foreign agency?

Outsource app development abroad

Maybe you outsource graphic design or write short pieces of English text to someone abroad. Many talented freelancers can be found in countries like India or Indonesia who offer their skills for a very low price.

But does this also apply when creating an app? Fiverr is full of app developers who claim to assemble your app for a low price in no time. Nevertheless, it is wise to first think carefully about whether this is the right decision.

 We help you by listing the pros and cons of outsourcing app development abroad.

The big advantage

  • Developing an app doesn’t take an afternoon. Even small projects take many hours. The biggest advantage of app development outsourcing is, therefore, android app development companies in the USA offer a very low hourly price.
  • If you know exactly what you want, how you want it, what it should look like, how everything should be set up technically, how the underlying architecture is built, which links need to be made, and in what way. Then it can be financially beneficial to outsource the development of the app.
  • But most people engage an app developer because they do not know (exactly) what the best way to build an app is. The knowledge and experience of a developer is then the most important reason to outsource instead of doing it yourself.

 Does the advantage of a low price still outweigh the disadvantages of outsourcing abroad?

 The biggest drawbacks

Unfortunately, outsourcing abroad also entails a lot of (potential) disadvantages. We list the most important ones for you.


You don’t speak the same language. And you can’t always count on fluent English. This makes it difficult to convey your ideas. Especially because in most cases you only speak to each other via e-mail. Thus, you can choose flutter developers in Canada as they speak the English language making things easier for you.

Time difference

Due to the time difference, direct communication is often difficult. This slows down enormously. While you can immediately switch and coordinate with a foreign developer, communication with a foreign developer with the simplest questions can take days.

 Strategic partner

Another big disadvantage is that it is not possible to visit each other, discuss the app and come up with the best solution together. The great distance makes this impossible. Especially if you are also in other time zones and do not speak the same language. But when you choose an android app development company in the USA, with regular meetings and one on one conversations with the experts, even these longer distances felt shorter.


 Prefer a flutter developer in Canada? You can hire a foreign freelancer for very simple apps or small adjustments. And even if you already have good experiences with someone abroad, this can have advantages, especially in the financial field. Nevertheless, for large projects, complicated apps, and a low level of knowledge, we recommend starting at least at a development agency.

it is wise to first think carefully about whether this is the right decision.

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