Is Private Mailbox Service Safe For Your Business Privacy?

private mailbox

If one has a business and home office for work order in case you do not have enough space for people to fit in the office while working, then you must use the private mailbox services.

Private mailbox services give secure access to the postal mails of the customers. Some service providers also provide a physical mailbox to the customers for storing mails.

Where to Get a Mailbox?

The private mailbox providers are usually located in various centers and provide mailboxes link to their store addresses. One can easily rent private mailboxes from any local renowned mailbox rental company.

Rent of Private Mailbox

The average cost of rent of the private Mailbox depends on the store location of the UPS. The cost varies from $20-$25, approximately.

Documents Needed to Rent a Private Mailbox

There are not too many documents required while renting a private mailbox. You have to fill a form that the service provider gives and along with that you are supposed to provide the photocopy of your identity proof for identity verification.

The Benefits of Private Mailbox

A private mailbox is very advantageous. It is reliable, confidential, secure and mobile.

  • Reliability– When one has a home business, private Mailbox is a perfect option for them as it is very reliable and there is always someone present on your behalf.
  • Privacy– Private Mailbox services provide image privacy. If you do not want to share your address even though you have a home business private Mailbox allows you that too.
  • Security– Private Mailbox provide extreme protection, and your mails and packages remain safe and secure until you’ve picked them up and do not subject to theft.
  • Mobility– If you move travel somewhere, you can still have your meals forwarded to you from your private mailbox provider.
  • Access- It is easy to access to the private Mailbox as it is accessible 24×7, unlike the post offices which work only on business days.
  • Flexibility– A private mailbox is flexible in providing services, management and access, depending on the customer’s needs.
  • Email Notifications– There is an additional service which we get here. An email notification blinks as and when the parcel is received which helps to manage the pickup timely.
  • Prestige– The private Mailbox lets you choose a prestigious location for your Mailbox. This is useful for a home business as it provides a separate official address rejecting a very professional image.

Advantages Over Traditional Ways

The private mailbox services are very beneficial than the traditional post office service even though the latter seems to be a viable option.

– Private Mailbox gives a full-service package receiving and has no restrictions. It allows packages from other all carriers as well.

– One might need an actual street address in other situations. However, a private mailbox does not require any such thing as you get a real physical address.

Disadvantages Of A Private Mailbox

With advantages come some disadvantages. Some of them in case of using private mailbox are-

– It is inconvenient always to travel and pick up the packages by self.

– It becomes frustrating when you travel to the location and find out that none of the mail is delivered.

– It is irritating to waste time on unnecessary trips if you reach the place only to know that the Mailbox has only junk mails filled in it.

– There is a risk of an overflow of emails, of missing deadlines for important bills altogether. This happens mostly in case you have to travel long distances.


The private mailbox services are an excellent option for the ones who reside near a private mailbox facility because then it also becomes cost-effective as you can pick up your meals and packages without any extra fee payment.

Therefore, if one has a home business and wants privacy and if one does not mind traveling to pick up their mails, then private Mailbox is very beneficial for them.

The incredible benefits that the private mailboxes provide make it a practical and popular choice both for individuals as well as for business. Therefore it is widely preferred to use mailbox services for maintaining business privacy.

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