Keep Both Virus And Cold Away With Antiviral Accessories for Winters

Antiviral Accessories
Antiviral Accessories

Imagine owning apparel and accessories that would serve multiple purposes. They would look good, protect you from the cold and even save you from germs and infections. Sounds like we’re in a picture-perfect world, isn’t it?

Introducing the Antiviral Snood and the Smart Scarf, designed for utmost comfort and made with love for you. These products have been crafted out of exceptionally comfortable fabrics that have been treated with the HeiQ Viroblock Swiss technology. This technology offers 99.99% effective protection from viruses and bacteria. What’s more, these antiviral products have been tested to be skin-friendly. They can be worn for long hours together, without a worry.

Antiviral Accessories that Protect you from the Winter Chills

Antiviral Snood

Crafted to perfection for your winter wardrobe, the Antiviral Snood can be worn like an infinity scarf. It is made of soft and breathable Liva fabric, with the added protection of antimicrobial fibers. The snood offers more than 99% effective protection against the COVID-19 virus and also keeps you protected from pollution all day long.

The snood has a rubber stopper and cord lock at the back. You can use these to adjust the size of the snood around your neck. You can pull the snood up to cover the mouth and nose completely when you want to use it as a mask. The snood is a chic addition to your winter wardrobe, keeps you warm and protects you from viruses, bacteria and pollution.

Smart Scarf

The Smart Scarf also offers the goodness of two products in one. You can sport it as a winter scarf or use the center portion as a mask when required. The in-built mask has adjustable ear loops, ensuring the perfect fit and coverage to prevent infections. The Brushed Cotton scarf is very soft on the skin and has a Liva fabric mask pocket for anti-pollution filters.

As mentioned above, both the snood and the scarf come with mask pockets for placing the anti-pollution filters. Two filters are provided with each product and you can put them in the mask pocket at your convenience. The filter offers protection from aerosols, air pollutants, smoke and other particulate matters smaller than 2.5 micrometers.

These winter accessories are ideal for people of all ages and loved by both men and women. The Antiviral Snood comes in three colours (black, pink and blue) and the Smart Scarf is available in two colours (blue and pink). Whether you’re buying them for yourself or for gifting, you’ll surely love the colours!

The Most Versatile Antiviral Accessory for Winter

In addition to these, the multi-use Qamash is yet another accessory that you can use in the winters. Wrap it around the shoulders like a shawl or as a stole around your neck. The fabric ensures high breathability, while the antiviral and antimicrobial properties protect you from germs. The Qamash or cloak is also one of the most versatile antiviral accessories you’ll ever find. It comes with clips, buttons, pockets, Velcro and more so you can repurpose it to however you like. Use it as a shawl, stole, car seat cover, robe, or sheet – the possibilities are endless! Take it with you to the office, to a grocery store, to your favorite restaurant or to the picnic spot you’ve been wanting to visit for a long.

So, which antiviral accessory would you pick for your wardrobe? Once you use these stylish yet functional winter accessories, you won’t be able to live without them. These accessories make getting back to the normal lifestyle much easier. They come in handy in ways more than one and help you stay protected during coronavirus times. The many uses of the snood, scarf, and cloak make them popular gift options for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

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