Everything You Need to Know About Interactive Videos

Interactive Videos
Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are highly popular in the marketing world because of their exceptional results. An interactive video is a new form of digital marketing strategy used by many big brands to increase brand awareness. It aims at increasing customer engagement to achieve its digital marketing objectives and goals. Interactive videos are one of the crucial components of the modern marketing mix. Let us learn in detail about what an interactive video is and how it can benefit your business. 

What is an interactive video?

An interactive video gives viewers the option to interact with the video content using several tools. You can drag, click, hover, and do many things with the video. There are a lot of functions you can add to your video content. With the help of an interactive video creation platform, you can create promotional videos online. There you can add a variety of functions as per your need. Here are some of the most common options used in an interactive video: –

  • 360-degree view – It enables the user to drag the screen through the video frame to get a better visual or to see clearly in all directions.
  • Hotspots – The hotspots are the clickable areas in a video. This option can take you to different web pages. It gives a lot of information about the content in the video, for example, merchandise pricing. 
  • Data inputs – It includes fields in the video where the user can enter information like their name, age, etc. 
  • Quizzes – Quizzes are the best way to get a personalized result from each user. You can even add quizzes by adding certain buttons and branches to your interactive videos. 
  • Branches – Branches are the different paths that the viewers can choose to customize the content they want to see accordingly.

Why should you opt for interactive videos?

Even though interactive video strategy is comparatively new to the marketing world, it has established itself as an effective and universally used marketing tool. The use of interactive videos among the brands is going to increase constantly. It is a perfect way to create an audience with interactive videos. Are you confused if an interactive video will work for your brand or not? Here are a few reasons that might clear your doubts.

Interactive videos are popular

To make a marketing strategy work, add media the consumers want to interact with – interactive video is one of the marketing strategies that include the right media for customer interaction. It has been getting an overwhelming response from the viewers as the brands have noticed a rise in engagement rates. The viewers tend to watch these videos longer than the traditional or linear videos. Brands can now create an audience with interactive videos

Interactive videos are engaging

High engagement and compelling content are the MSP of interactive videos. These videos can bring double or triple engagement as compared to linear videos. It can even convert a passive viewer into an active viewer and then into a potential buyer. 


Interactive videos give the users a sense of control. It provides them with a personalized experience and makes the content interesting. You can design videos according to the viewer’s knowledge level, job role or interest level. Users can choose what content they want to see and how deep they want to learn about it. It means they can stick to only the meaning of a particular subject or learn about the other topics related to the same subject. 

Things to avoid in an interactive video 

Here are some things to keep in mind while creating an interactive video. 

  • Do not go out of track – Focus on the message of the video. Try avoiding unnecessary distractions. You can add a variety of options in the video but must avoid them if not needed. 
  • Keep it short – Even if the video is interesting, it doesn’t mean it has to be needlessly long. A longer video means high production rates and a drop off in the viewing rate. 
  • Think small – Try to create a video that should also play and work on the devices with smaller screens. 


Creating an interactive video is a fun way of marketing the brand and is interesting for the viewers. If you are interested in creating an interactive shoppable video for your brand, contact Cinema8. 

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