Waqrapukara is in Peru, close to Apurimac River. It is also an archaeological site in the Cusco Region. Many visitors come from around the world to view the beautiful scenery and hike some the most exciting treks in the world. If you like hiking, you want to put Waqrapukara on your list of places to hike.

Waqrapukara is known to have been the capital of the Inca Empire many years ago. It was also known to have been the closest city near Machu Picchu. Cusco is a mystery that everyone wants to dig into to solve. Some sites to visit here are Ollantaytambo, Maras Moray, and Qorikancha. These are common places that attract tourists to Peru but there is so much more here.

For hikers, Mystical Waqrapukara is going to be a challenge you will want to accept. This trek takes you completely away from any civilization and gives you the experience of seclusion in a site that has a mysterious past.

The History of Waqrapukara

Waqrapukara is located on top of a mountain plateau. Its name means “Horn Fortress” in the language of Quechua and it references the two horn shaped peaks on the mounts. It is in a remote area of the countryside located in the Cusco Region. Archaeologists have started to uncover the past in this very location and is curious about what they will uncover next. For example, they stumbled upon a door with triple jams on it. After much discussion and research, it was determined that the Incas would only place this type of door jam near their great rulers. They continue to dig and uncover the life as it once was in this location.

Planning yourtrip

If you want to visit Waqrapukara and take the hiking trek you will most likely begin your trip in Santa Lucia or Huayqui. These two locations are about 2 ½ hours away from Cusco when traveling by car. The fortress area will be located between the two cities and the trail can be found from either place.

You will want to call ahead and reserve anything you need to in order to make your trip successful. You will want to make sure that you have all your hiking gear and you are prepared to pack light. If you don’t know the language there, you will want to buy a translation app, book, or device to assist you.

Come prepared with the right clothing for your hike. Pack a small jacket that can conveniently tie around your waist until you need it. Don’t forget to pack yourself a lunch to eat when you stop to take a break. You will be burning a lot of calories on this hike, so you want to feed your energy. When you get to the top, enjoy the views; you may not get this chance again. Enjoy your moment before hiking back down the trail to civilization. Once you have conquered this trek, there are several more available in Peru that is not only challenging but beautiful too.

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