Know-How To Repair Corrupt SQL MDF File

Corrupt SQL MDF File

Want to repair corrupt SQL MDF file? If yes! Then, this article present ingenious techniques of repairing the database files of SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012 and all its below versions. To know the complete procedure to repair database file just stick with us and get the accurate answer.

In today’s technical era, organizations are more likely to use SQL Server to handle their precious data. But sometimes due to virus attacks, abrupt shutdown, power failure, and other issues, the SQL database is corrupted and becomes inaccessible. The situation is too frustrating and also the risk of losing the data is quite high. So, we are here with this write-up that will guide you on how to repair corrupt SQL MDF file without any kind of data loss. Here, we will discuss the manual as well as professional solutions to repair the data. But before we discuss the solution to recover corrupted database Files. Let’s discuss first the main reasons for MDF file corruption.

Reasons for Corrupt MDF File

  • If database MDF files exceed the maximum storage size limit.
  • Corruption in the file header also corrupts the MDF file.
  • Malware & Virus attack, hard disk failure, Abrupt system shutdown also causes corruption.
  • Corruption in storage devices where files are saved.
  • In case you have deleted data from the file by mistake.
  • If you use the SQL database and the network failure error occurs in between, it may also result in the MDF file corruption.

No matter how your data gets corrupted, it can be a nightmare if the problem is not resolved on the time. Therefore, here we come up with the most suitable and reliable solutions to overcome the issues.

Manual Method to Repair Corrupt SQL MDF file

Use the following steps to recover data from corrupted MDF files.

  • Run DBCC CHECKDB command on your corrupt SQL database you want to repair
    DBCC CHECKDB (Name_of_corrupt_database)
  • After that, verify the index ID

Case 1. If the ID > 1, then drop it and generate it again.
Case 2. If ID is either 0 or 1, then run DBCC CHECKDB again with the suitable repair options such as-
DBCC CHECK (name_of_corrupt_database, repair_fast)
DBCC CHECK (name_of_corrupt_database, repair_rebuild)
DBCC CHECK (name_of_corrupt_database, repair_allow_data_loss)

Flexible Solution to Repair Corrupt SQL MDF File

There might be situations when a user is unable to execute the above-mentioned steps due to a lack of technical connection. However, there is an alternate solution available that makes the whole recovery process very simple and fast. Use SQL Repair tool, it is the best solution to recover corrupted, damaged or inaccessible MDF file effectively.

The software can fix all minor and major issues of database files with high accuracy. Even more than that, using the tool is also capable to recover the deleted database objects and table records without making any changes to the original content. The tool can repair all SQL Server database objects including Tables, Indexes, Functions, Views, Rules, Triggers, Stored Procedures, etc. from the SQL MDF file. More so, the application support to repair SQL database files MS SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, and other versions also.

Step by step procedure to repair corrupt or damaged SQL MDF file

Step 1: in the very first step, download and run the software, after this click the Open button to select the database file (.mdf file) you want to repair.

Repair Corrupt SQL MDF File
Step 2: Select a scan option as per the corruption level and also choose SQL Server version of the MDF file.

scan mode to Repair Corrupt SQL MDF File
Step 3. As the scanning process is done, the tool displays all the recovered database components of the MDF file before saving.

Repair Corrupt SQL MDF File
Step 4. Form the top click on the Export button and choose one of the Export options (SQL Server database, SQL script, CSV File Format) as per the requirement.

export options
Step 5. Choose the required database objects and at last press the Export button.

Repair Corrupt SQL MDF File

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In this blog, we have explained to you the best ways to repair corrupt SQL MDF file. According to user convenience and need, they can opt for any of the above-mentioned methods. The tool we have recommended above is the first choice of many users in the business world because of its efficiency. The tool provides perfect and accurate results without affecting your data.

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