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Google Phrase Match
Google Phrase Match

For a successful PPC campaign, keywords are the most essential elements.

Isn’t it? Right?

However, keywords are no longer considered as just works. They have more meaningful phrases to be matched in Google to improve your PPC campaigns.

So, in this post, we will be highlighting key things to know about new phrase match as a part of your strategic digital marketing services in India.

Let’s get started on this.

What are Keywords Match Types?

For better understanding, keyword match type is nothing but a closed search query by a user. It reflects exactly the same in the mentioned keyword to trigger the appropriate action.

If we look at the previous scenario of Google ads, then match type behavior was done to three factors only:

  • Exact Match: It is when an ad showcases the query which has the exact choice of chosen keywords.
  • Phrase Match: It showcases the ads when there are extra words before or after.
  • Broad Match: Long-tail keywords as a part of the search and showcase the desired results.

From such points, you can easily make out the fact that Google gives much preference to phrase match. It is because an exact match has its own restriction and broad match somewhere losses the line. So, what left is the match phrase for advertisers to showcase their ads with varying degrees of words?

Think about Close Variants Too!

Things changed in the PPC world dramatically. Google has already introduced close variants.

Close variants can literally change your keywords and give the ad platform leeway. They are more of a defined set of ways by Google that can change the keywords. In the end, you might find several petty similar keywords behind your well-searched keywords.

Thus, it is better for you to understand the concept of a new phrase match and implement the same to see PPC results ahead.

Get to Know About New Phrase Match

Phrase match in ads is a search that includes the meaning of the keyword. It implies searches to be more specific based on the meaning. It is a big shift from the monotonous words in keywords. Match type makes more sense in understanding the exact query of the searcher and displays the desired result.

Along with the meaning, there could be additional words with the match query. Moreover, Google’s machine learning also distinguishes the word order and no longer maintains a strict order.

You can refer to the following table to better understand the relevance of phrase matches as compared to broad and exact matches.

Match TypeSample KeywordSearch Results
BroadVacation Los AngelesVacation Los AngelesVacation in LAIdeas for vacation Los AngelesVacation planning for Los AngelesSummer vacations Los Angeles  
Phrase“vacation Los Angeles”Vacation Los AngelesVacations in LAIdeas for Vacation Los AngelesVacation Planning for Los AngelesSummer vacations Los Angeles
Exact{vacation Los Angeles}Vacation Los AngelesVacations in LA  

Now, the earlier mentioned definitions of exact, broad, and phrase match have changed in the following manner:

  • Exact: Query has the same meaning.
  • Phrase: Query includes the same meaning.
  • Broad: Query is somewhere related to the keyword.

Importance Things Related to Phrase Matches

  1. Google Machine Learning (ML) Decides Order of Words

You might not know the fact that Google’s Machine Learning (ML) determines the order of words in the search query. It does not change the meaning and showcases the relevant result ahead.

Take, for example, ML helps Google determine if search phrases are almost the same like (Buy refrigerator online) and (buy online refrigerator) which means the same thing.

ML breaks out all the queries to determine the exact meaning and phrases to deliver a result search pattern.

  • Smart Bidding is Important for Phrase Match

Automating your bids lets the search engine decides some of the matching keywords. Like you are using a phrase or a broad match. Google showcases your ad for less related queries and does not allow you stuck bidding in the same searches.

Even when they are less related, it converts at a lower level. Furthermore, lower the bids to perform at an acceptable level.


From the above discussion, you must have understood the fact that keywords are no longer just words. There has to be some meaning interpreted by Google to deliver the exact search results. Rely on the expertise of advertisers at a pioneer digital marketing company to use a wide sphere of match types. So that it helps Google to closely look at the meaning and search pattern matches the keyword.

Learn more about phrase match required in the PPC campaign by getting in touch with your digital marketing specialist partner. Stay informed, knowledgeable, and ahead of the competition.

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