Let Talking Machines Do The Work!

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With the fast changing and ever-growing technology, it is not very far that AI and voice assistance will be seen all over the work places. According to a research done, it is expected that smart assistants will be very common over the workplaces just like desks and chairs within the next 5 years. It’s only due to the advancement in machine learning and natural language understanding, that such smart voice assistants were created and that public found it helpful.

Now smart assistants can be seen in some big office spaces doing chores, carrying out orders, understanding the need and whatnot. But did you ever think how helpful these assistants can be in the coworking spaces? What a great helping hand they would provide? How much your work will reduce? So here’s guiding you through the advantages which humans can avail by incorporating AI smart assistants in their workplace. Scroll down to find out.

Talking Machines

1. Increase productivity –

Voice assistants’ abilities can never be undermined. They complement the work of the humans and do the monotonous work of humans and free humans to let them focus on more important tasks. In this way they can do the machine work and humans can do the core work which will lead to more productivity and help the business flourish.

2. Space management –

Voice assistants can be a great help in managing space. Just one voice assistant and it will help you in a great deal of work. And as no one will wish to make their coworking space clumsy, rather make it as much spacious as possible so these machines can help you do so. Keeping a track of the attendance and works like that, it will help you in optimization of your space. And space management is one of the major facets of coworking spaces.

3. Room utilization –

You don’t have to put extra effort or extra man power to keep a track of how your conference or meeting rooms are being managed. When one meeting is over and when to give the room to another, voice assistants will keep a record of these things and assign people in finding the room as and when required. The best thing about them is that, they won’t mess up things and give a clear chart about the meeting details.

4. No unnecessary man power-

It won’t be very far in the future when you enter your office and get greeted by Siri/Alexa and hear your day’s plan and meetings. You don’t have to worry about keeping a receptionist or an extra pair of eyes to plan the day, schedule the meeting and manage the space well in order to carry out the work smoothly in your shared space. Voice assistants will keep a track of everything and let you know which meetings are scheduled to be done and how the day should be.

 5. Easy Accessibility-

While coworking spaces hold people from different domains of work and these people have to work together, all the people working in a shared space won’t be that technically sound. When provided with a computer to work or access some data they may face problem. Here voice assistants come to their rescue. The employees can access any information just by their voice, without any actual work to do.

6. Better communication-

People from different parts come together to work in a shared space. They are from different backgrounds and culture, and speak different languages. Having a voice assistant in this case is a relief. They can understand and translate the language for everyone to understand. In such cases, no one will ever face any difficulty communicating and the work can be carried out in a much easier way.

The potential that these voice assistants hold and use it to deliver efficient task at the workplace looks very promising. Below we provide you with some of the best voice assistants which you can set up at the work place and take their help.

A few smart office assistants you should know

1. Google assistant-

Developed by Google, this artificial intelligence, virtual assistant can be found in mobile phones and smart home devices. This software is capable of engaging in a two-way conversation with its user, using its natural language processing algorithm. It is programmed to do a lot of work which includes searching on the internet, scheduling events, setting up alarms, show information, take notes, etc. It also allows its user to set and modify the command. You can take the help of Google Assistant to take notes during a meeting, record the complete meeting or just the summary, make the big calculations which have a big risk of going wrong when humans do it, while holding a coffee mug and newspaper you can order your voice assistant to recite you an overview of your day, including the details—time, location, and participants—of your meetings. Google is more focused to make its software more workplace-friendly. With advancement and updates coming every day, these machines will do half of your work.

2. Alexa-

Developed by Amazon, Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant AI technology. With customized skills, Alexa’s developers have made sure it does all kinds of work. From answering questions of the employees to handling their requests related to the company, Alexa does it all. It is also used to locate assets and monitor the performance of infrastructure and allows employees to check system statuses using voice commands and request more information when security events occur. The guard 100% safety and also states that the Amazon employees can’t have access to your recordings. It can also be used to add meetings to your calendar, inviting others to your meetings, creating a one-time and recurring reminder, or even adding items to your to-do list. Apart from this, while be engrossed in your work, you don’t have to get up from your place to switch on/off the fan or the light, adjust the thermostat and also lock doors without even having to leave your seat. You can also use it to send a text or call a person with just your voice.

3. Siri-

Siri, a virtual assistant that is part of Apple Inc.’s iOS, iPad, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS operating systems. This system software is the world’s one of the most popular intelligent voice assistants. It is used widely over the workplaces to reduce the burden of work on the employees and help carry out the work smoothly. Starting from setting up alarms, timers, and reminders, to preview your calendar, Siri can do it all without you even having to pick up a device. It’s so advanced that based on your routine, Siri can even anticipate what you might need to help you breeze through your day. It can also help you dictate a business letter or email and send it to whoever you want. Apart from this, it can also do the basic things like making a call etc and no doubt why it is so popular and widely used.

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The way technology is advancing it won’t be long when we see voice assistants all over our working place. They make things much simple. Incorporating devices like these can reduce your workload and make the workplace look classy.

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