Mailboxes: Some Intriguing Information


Human beings use several services on a daily basis. Services like private mailboxes, telecommunications, internet and whatnot. These services have become such a strong part of our life that we have somehow forgotten how to live without them. 

Since these services are an inevitable part of our lives, it is natural to assume that each individual would be aware of all the aspects related to these services. But that is not the case in reality. There are very few people who truly possess the knowledge of the past and present of the various services being used by us regularly. 

Services like private mailboxes are an evolved version of the postal system. The roots of these services go deep into centuries. When the service of mail delivery began, it was very different to what it is now. Having said that, we can surely vouch for it that the latest versions come with several advantages.

Today private mailboxes like Century City mailbox are the safest methods of receiving mails without hampering other daily activities. These are services available for 24 hours and 7 days a week, which means no holidays and no missing out on parcels. Privacy and confidentiality are nowhere affected when one registers for a private mailbox.

Private mailboxes have various pros and also have some very intriguing facts attached. It is always good to know the lesser-known facts of such evolved services to better understand their history as well as the present.

Following are some very interesting facts of the postal system over the decades:

  • Did you know that the United States of America has various federal departments? Of these departments, the Post office is the second oldest department which was established in the year 1775.
  • Who was the first Postmaster General of that department? It was none other than Benjamin Franklin who was also a member of the founding committee of the post office.
  • The Postal System of the States is one of the oldest has many firsts related to it. George Washington was the first person to be on the stamps of the post office which makes him that one face which has stayed on more stamps in comparison to any other individual.
  • Only in the United States of America alone there exist more than 142 million mailboxes. Isn’t it huge?
  • The postal Service is spread across states and countries, making it one of the largest employers. In the United States alone more than 7.5 million people work for post offices. 

Imagine if just the postal system of America has so much exciting factual information, what would be the level of intricacies across the globe.

From the day the postal service began, the aim has been to keep people connected with each other. While the process of mail deliveries took days and weeks in the initial stage, the present scenario is so well linked that mail deliveries within the country can be completed in a period as short as four days. Technology has played a huge role in bringing about some very important changes in the mail management system that we witness in the present time.

Today an individual has access to both private mailboxes as well as virtual mailboxes. While most of the communication occurs on calls and emails, we still need the delivery systems in place. This is one service that will never go out of scope completely. We all will be ordering parcels, sending mails, wanting to pack and move stuff. These services are fulfilled by the private mailboxes at a very convenient price.

Since mail delivery is an unavoidable circumstance, it is always best to have a private mailbox registered in your name. This service is extremely beneficial if you have busy schedules or have to travel frequently.

All you have to do to get a private mailbox for yourself is meet the service provider, enquire about their rental packages. Choose the one that best matches your requirements. Fill out the necessary forms that will provide the mailbox provider authority to receive the mails on your behalf.

The process is simple, the service is excellent and the reasons to opt for this service are immense. When everything has been in the favor of this one service then there is hardly any reason to not get yourself registered for the mailbox on rent. In fact, there would surely come a day when if not all then at least one or two members from each family will have a mailbox in their name making this the most useful and utilised service across countries.

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