Make Money from Olym Trade, Easy Trading Application on Android.

Playing buying and selling foreign currency is indeed a very promising business. How not, the profit offered is very high, ranging up to 80% for each trade. Do you already know the trading this time? If you don’t know, then see the detailed explanation about Olym Trade.

Make Money from Olym Trade, Easy Trading Application on Android

What is Olymp Trade? Olym Trade is a broker that is engaged in buying and selling foreign currencies. The broker itself is a company that bridges you to connect with the stock buying and selling market, real and instant. And you need to know, Olym Trade Broker is a broker that can be trusted and many stock players have reaped the benefits of it.

What are the conditions for playing the Buy and Sell Shares? It’s very easy, especially for those of you who are Android smartphone users. Because it can make transactions anytime and anywhere in real-time.

The first requirement is Register first at Olym Trade, click here. Make sure you have finished registering an account. Then first install the this application, you can download the APK file via the link on this blog. Now then log in using the account that was registered just now.
Then the second requirement , you have an online account.

 The online account itself is a place for storing your funds for a transaction. For example, the most familiar online account is a Credit Card (Credit Card), because it can make online transactions. This means that the online account itself is an account that you can use to transact online. The online accounts that already support Olym Trade include:

Olym Trade
  • Credit Card (Master Card and Visa)
  • Neteller 
  • Skrill
  • WebMoney
  • Money
  • Qiwi
  • Bitcoin
  • Fasapay

Everything on the list above is called an online account. Maybe most people are more familiar with what is called a Credit Card, but the requirements for having a credit card might be a bit difficult. Especially if you don’t have a steady income, you have to do this and that. For the solution, in this case, there are many alternatives besides credit cards.

Suppose Neteller, I personally use Neteller. Because besides being able to make transactions with the this app broker, Neteller itself already supports the Verified by Visa (VBV) feature. So we can make online transactions using the VFB feature, from the VFB feature itself we can use it to fill up balances at Neteller. And one of the private banks that have the Verified by Visa (VBV) feature is Bank Mandiri.

So in simple terms, the scheme for topping up to Olym Trade Broker is:  

Bank Mandiri >> Neteller >> Olym Trade

The third requirement is to refill funds (reload balance/top-up balance) of at least $ 10 to your Olym Trade account. Then when the funds already exist in the Olym Trade account, it is ready to be played or transacted buying and selling of foreign currency shares. Those are the three conditions to play with Olym Trade broker.

How to play? 

Determine first the amount of money to be traded, at least $ 1. Then also determine the duration of the sale and purchase, at least 1 minute and a maximum of 180 minutes. Then you follow the stock index or stock movement on the chart displayed in the application. You can buy 2 options, buy shares up or down. And there are already two “Up” buttons and “Down” buttons.

1.0523, then you choose to buy ” Up ” in a period of 1 minute and after one minute the chart movement is at the point 1.0533 then you win and then get a profit of 80% of the initial buying and selling capital. So the total profit is $ 1.80.
On the other hand, if within one minute the chart movement is at 1.0511 then you lose. So there is no refund in this. But don’t worry, Olym Trade can dispute or fail transactions. But there are still cuts from the initial capital. That’s how to play Olym Trade.

How to Disbursement of Funds?

no need to worry, you can withdraw these funds to the Online Accounts mentioned above. Guaranteed 100% Olym Trade pays. You know many who prove it, now it’s your turn.

The following is the screenshot from Olym Trade: 

It is very easy to make foreign exchange transactions through this broker service. Please try it, and don’t be bothered. There are a few Quotes for you in business:

If you are losing, don’t be too sad, the loss is temporary. And if you’re lucky, don’t be too excited. Because the benefits are also temporary.

That’s a glimpse of Olym Trade, if you find this article useful then please share it on social media. Calculate for fortune with others. Keep up the spirit, because there are so many doors to fortune and how we are agile in downloading fortune itself. That’s the post about Raising Money from Olym Trade, the Easy Trading Application on Android

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