Make the Right Choice of Plywood for Your Furniture

Make the Right Choice of Plywood for Your Furniture
Make the Right Choice of Plywood for Your Furniture

Furniture forms a very important part of interior decor. A house without furniture would look empty. Even from a point of view of functionality, furniture is essential. You need a chair or sofa to sit on, a table to study or work, a bed to sleep in, etc. Furniture fulfills our requirements and adds a charm to the space around it. It speaks to the style and personality of the homeowner, and it can truly transform the whole house.

So, it’s clear that choosing furniture is no small deal. You ought to carefully think about your needs and make the right choice of furniture for your home.

For years, a popular choice among homeowners for furniture has been plywood. Manufactured through gluing thin layers of core veneers and panel veneers in a cross bonded structure, plywood has many characteristics that make it preferable for use in furniture. It is  much stronger than natural wood, yet lighter in weight than solid lumber. It is also economical in cost and applicable on a wide variety of surfaces.

Plywood has many benefits that set it apart from other materials, however, all plywood are not the same. Especially when it comes to furniture, certain types of plywood would do better in some places than the other.

To understand which is the best plywood for furniture, keep reading.

  1. MR Grade Plywood for your bookshelf

Moisture Resistant (MR) grade plywood is moisture-resistant. It is not completely waterproof, hence works well in places where there is minimal exposure to moisture, such as a bookshelf. While you can use a Boiling Water Proof (BWP) grade plywood for the same, MR grade plywood is more cost effective. Plywood is sturdy enough to hold the weight of many books and looks minimalist. With a plywood bookshelf, you won’t just be showcasing your knowledge, but your design sensibilities as well.

2. BWP grade plywood center table for your living room

A center table in the living room, with a large sofa beside it, looks absolutely gorgeous. You can choose amongst many shapes – circular, square, or rectangular. A BWP grade plywood will ensure that your table lasts a long time and doesn’t get damaged if you accidentally spill water over it. It won’t break or bend either as it is heavier than other plywood, making your center table resilient to wear and tear.

3. MR Ply for your bedroom

MR plywood is strong and can be used in the bedroom to make bedframes, bedside table and other furniture. You can use BWP plywood as well but MR plywood provides a more cost effective alternative for the same.

4. BWP plywood for wet areas

For areas like the kitchen or the bathroom that are exposed to water for a long duration, choose BWP plywood for its superior resistance to water. This will ensure that there is no damage to your furniture caused by water or moisture.

Furniture is a defining piece in home decor. It provides us with utility and comfort. Not just that, it also makes a home look pleasing and inviting. Carefully selected furniture that steals the spotlight amongst beautifully painted walls is the dream of every homeowner. The reason why plywood is the top choice for furniture-making is that it is a versatile material and can be cut into any shape or design as desired.

It is easiest to work with and makes luxury affordable by giving a classy look wherever it is used.

CenturyPly has numerous options for plywood available to meet the unique requirements of the customers. All materials are high-quality and reliable so that any furniture made from them lasts a long time.

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