Makeup Remover Cleansing Balm: How To Use It Properly

Makeup Remover Cleansing balm
Makeup Remover Cleansing Balm

1st stage: make-up remover

Format: thick cream, makeup remover cleansing balm, micellar water, milk, oil, hydrophilic oil.

What it does: according to the principle “like to like”, it collects excess fat particles from the face (from sebum to decorative cosmetics).

Application feature: dry hands on dry skin.

What to look for: soft fatty foods additionally soothe dry and sensitive skin, such products are also good in cold weather, when it is literally painful to touch the skin.

2 stage: cleanser

Format: foam, gel, cream cleanser.

What it does: Washes away the characteristic film left over from the first product and keeps the skin’s own lipid barrier intact.

Application feature: wet hands on damp skin.

What to look for: pH neutral (about 6). If it is not specified, you can analyze the composition for the number of surfactants (words with endings in -ate, -ine, -ide). It’s okay if you find ingredients on -ide in the middle or at the end of the list – these are mild surfactants of natural origin, such as lauryl glucoside.

Three areas that we sometimes forget about during make-up removal


During make-up, many gradually apply three to four products to the eyebrows, but do not pay attention to this area when cleansing the skin. This is fraught with painful inflammation.


Even if it seems that there is not even a trace left from the morning lipstick, the pores on the skin around the lips become clogged, and the sebum in them oxidizes and darkens.


Makeup removal, like make-up, is most effective to do with collected hair, so as not to miss anything. For example, the root zone, where both sanskrin and tone are usually superimposed.

How to wash off cosmetics if I have …

  • contact lenses

Ideally, remove your lenses and do a two-step cleanse. If this is not possible, the make-up remover product (balm, milk, oil) instead of the skin will have to be applied to a cotton pad so that the application can be controlled.

  • eyelash extensions

Fatty products dissolve the glue on which the eyelashes are held, so such products are not suitable for eye makeup remover. The way out is either an extremely accurate application with a strong indentation from the area around the eyes, or micellar water.

  • acne in the active phase

Open inflammations cannot be rubbed with a disc, so anything soft, greasy, thick and creamy that needs to be applied directly to the skin will do just fine: from hydrophilic oil to thick balm or butter.

And a few more embarrassing questions

Can cosmetics be washed off the face and eyes with the same product?

Of course, if you’re comfortable. Separate products are really produced for the eyes, but they are needed only for those who are not satisfied with the result from make-up remover with a universal product (for example, it does not wash off mascara well or leaves a greasy film).

It seems to me that my product does not work well – it does not wash away anything the first time.

It happens. For some reason, many people think that if the tool did not work in 5 seconds, then it does not work at all. In fact, most foods take at least 20 seconds to break the bonds between molecules. And if we are talking about waterproof cosmetics or a lot of makeup, then it may take two or three washes in a row.

Is it necessary to wash in general? They say the anhydrous method is better for the skin.

This has not been proven. Manufacturers of micellar water, which supposedly does not need to be washed off, tried to teach us to the anhydrous method. It turned out what is needed: in most formulas, surfactants are in the first place, and they cannot be left on the skin. Completely anhydrous methods of washing have not yet been invented, but you can remove the products for the first and second stages not with water, but, for example, with a damp terry cloth or muslin towel. The method is good for everyone, except for owners of acne in the stage of inflammation.

How to get rid of oil on your face? 

This requires an integrated approach to resolving the issue. First of all, determine the cause of oily skin. Otherwise, you will only temporarily get rid of excess grease, which will return after a while. It is necessary to undergo a complete examination, including blood tests for hormones and sugar. Find out if you have a genetic predisposition to the fatty type.

Okay, do you need to choose a wash with special effects? For example, with acids or retinol.

Globally, this makes no sense. Means for make-up remover and washing are on the skin for such a short time that they cannot bring any moisturizing, regenerating, and even more so anti-aging effect. The best thing such a product can do is keep the skin pH neutral, so the low pH mark is perhaps the only one worth looking at.

If I choose two ideal products (oily and lather), can they be used all year round?

It is possible, but, most likely, with the change of season, the couple will quickly cease to be ideal. The condition of the skin is influenced by the weather outside and the microclimate at home, nutrition and stress, daily care and makeup. By winter, many people choose a denser tone and thicker cream, but it will not be possible to wash them off the skin as easily as summer fluid and CC-cream. In this case, it is good to have more active funds.

And how to remove makeup if there is no remedy at all?

Force majeure happens. In such cases, everything is used: express wipes, vegetable oil from coconut to olive, even fatty baby cream. And after that you still have to wash yourself with plenty of warm water.

All clear. But now what to do with the soap and sulfate foams for washing that have accumulated in my house?

Don’t throw it away! They can be used to clean makeup brushes and disposable towels if you’re using them.

Thank you for reading! More about beauty you can know here.

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